Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about our campus and academic programs.

General Questions

What is the enrollment at your school?
Typical enrollment for any given year is around 1,600 - 1,700 students. Of that number approximately 300 are women in the campus-based program, 1200 are students enrolled in distance education courses, and the remainder are graduate students.

When was the College founded?
Saint Mary-of-the-Woods was founded in 1840 by Saint Mother Theodore Guerin.  Read more about the College's history.

Do you have to be Catholic to attend SMWC?
No, there are no religious requirements for admission or enrollment.  Approximately 50% of our students are Catholic.

Does the College have any athletic teams?
Yes, the College has a growing number of sports and athletic teams, including
basketball, cross-country running, equestrian, golf, soccer,softball, and volleyball. Learn more about our athletic programs.

What are the admission standards at SMWC?
You may review our admission standards online. Application requirements are also detailed on our website.

Resident Life Questions

Are there sororities on campus?
No, SMWC does not offer any social sororities. However, there are 30 different campus clubs and organizations to join. 

Are medical services provided on campus?
The college nurse has an office in Le Fer Hall. She is available to help with routine medical care of students and can make referrals to doctors in the surrounding region. The College has an agreement with the Terre Haute Family Practice Center that provides students in need of medical assistance a guaranteed appointment. Two major hospitals (Terre Haute Regional and Union Hospital) are both within 15-20 minute drive from campus. 

Is there security on campus?
Security guards are on campus 24 hours a day. 

Do you have private rooms available?
Although private rooms are available, they are reserved for upper class students. First-year students are required to share rooms to encourage involvement with other students. 

Are students allowed to have cars on campus?
Yes, anyone may have a car on campus. All students with a car on campus must register their vehicle each academic year by purchasing a hang-tag for identification purposes. These tags are $10 per year. 
Students should take care not to park in areas reserved for faculty, staff, administration, or visitors.

Are men allowed on campus?
Yes, students may have male visitors during normal visiting hours.

Do students have a curfew?
Students do not have a curfew.

Is there somewhere to workout?
Yes we recently opened the Knoerle Center which has a state-of-the-art fitness center.

Academic Questions

What is the student/faculty ratio?
The ratio is 12 to 1. The average class size is around 10, although, depending on your major, some classes are a few as five or as high as 30.

How many faculty members are there?
The college employs 55 faculty members.

Are all of the professors members of a religious order?
No, our faculty members are a diverse group of individuals from all faiths and backgrounds. Approximately 20% of faculty are sisters of the Catholic church. 

Do you have internship programs?
Yes, the Career Development Center plays a major role in assisting students with internship programs. Internship programs can be completed during the school year or during the summer. 

Tuition costs and fees are available online.