Trustee Reunion - May 6, 2010


About the Trustee Reunion

One of our staff members recently shared her perceptions about the impact of board members, past and present, on the College.  “The word that comes most strongly to mind,” she told us, “is leadership – heartfelt and intelligent leadership.  Many of our Trustees have given years of their lives to this College. They know this institution. We miss them and we’d like to see them again.”  We agree!

As one of the influential and distinguished leaders who have helped shape and propel the College, we are honored to include you and your guest in a “thank-you” celebration which will include former Presidents and Trustees of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College and also former General Superiors of the Sisters of Providence. The current members of the Board of Trustees look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to campus. 

Please reserve the date of May 6, 2010, for a special Reunion of the leadership of The Woods. You will receive a formal invitation, for yourself and a guest, in the spring.  For your information, this campus event is scheduled for the day prior to the May Board of Trustees meeting, and two days prior to the 169th Commencement of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College. This website will be updated with details of the reunion as they are announced.

We will be honored to have you join this celebration of your leadership, vision, and dedication to Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College.

Best regards,

David G. Behrs, Ph.D.

Kathleen Lubeznik ’80
Chair, Board of Trustees

P.S. If you are traveling some distance and plan to arrive the evening of May 5, please join us for a welcome reception that will include a light supper that evening.

Guest List

Randy and Maria Adams

Mary Clare Ariens and Michael Ariens

Dave and Diana Bailey

Robert Baldwin

Mary Barrett

David G. Behrs, Ph.D.

Rosemary Borntrager, SP and Jody O'Neil, SP

Joyce Brophy, SP and Ann Sullivan, SP

Mary Brown

Anna Marie Bruen and Walter Bruen

Cathleen Campbell, SP

Barbara Curran

Barbara Doherty, SP

Janet Gilligan, SP

Mary Goss

William Greif and Connie Greif

Jeanne Hagelskamp, SP

Celestine Hamant

Susan Hamilton and Wayne Hamilton

Martha Head and John Feagin

Jeanie Heller

Jerome Hellmann

Dan and Judy Hoyt

Jeanne Knoerle, SP

Constance Kramer, SP

Marti and Henry Kuehn

Karen Lafkas

Lawrence Ann Liston, SP

Kathy and Glenn Lubeznik

Kathryn Martin and Marie Brendan Harvey, SP

Martha and Tom Moore

Jacqueline Morgan

John Noga

Nancy Nolan, SP

Elizabeth O'Connell

Kevin O'Donnell

Ann Margaret O'Hara, SP and Ellen Cunningham, SP

Maureen Phillips

Carmen Piasecki and Tom Singer

Nancy Reynolds, SP

Diane Ris, SP

Patricia Roach

Tracy Schier

Marcia and Jerry Schmidt

Pat and Mike Sermersheim

Phyllis Sharp

William and Linda Sheehan

Alice Shelton

Joan Slobig, SP

Virginia Smith

Marilynn Sonderman

Peggy Spencer

Lisa Stallings, SP

Alexa Suelzer, SP

Phillip Summers

Mary Melanie and Christopher Waller

Mary Kay and Al Watson

Denise Wilkinson, SP