The Aspire Higher Strategic Plan, approved in July 2016, is the strategic plan for the future of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College. The goals of this plan are fundamental to strengthening the College, and they build on the foundation of SMWC’s 175 years of educational excellence, the beauty of the campus and its historic structures, a strong Catholic identity and a commitment to a teaching culture that supports lifelong learning, and effects positive change in a spirit of service and social responsibility.

Priorities and Objectives

This plan was created with the faculty and staff of the College to carry forward the vision of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College and is intended to be a living, breathing document, dynamic in nature and meant to change and evolve with the College as it grows. It focuses on three strategic priorities, and at its heart is embedded a commitment to enrollment growth and strengthening spirituality:

  • Priority 1: Elevate the distinctive, high-quality education that has been a hallmark of education at SMWC
  • Priority 2: Provide a college environment that is relevant to overall student success and enhances students’ quality-of-life through improvements to facilities, spiritual offerings, and an enhanced financial structure
  • Priority 3: Improve perception of the College through renewed focus on outreach and partnerships, emphasizing the value of relationships that has always been critical part of education at SMWC