Research - 2011/2012

IRB Research Approved

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Principal Investigator
Faculty Advisor
10/18/2011 Does ‘Purposeful Play’ Improve Early Childhood Gross Motor Skills? Erin Mooney Rachel Star, Ph.D. M.Ed.
Does the California Career Zone website motivate students with learning disabilities to choose a career which best fits their needs, personalities, and work value? Sherry Weberding
Rachel Star, Ph.D. M.Ed.
Using Art Therapy to Raise the Self-Esteem of Clients in Residential Treatment for Substance Abuse: The Comparative Differences Between Men and Women Linda Sweeney
Kathy Gotshall, ATR-BC, LCSW
Does a tangible reward system have a greater impact on student behavior than a praise system? Shiela Grant

 Rachel Star, Ph.D. M.Ed.

10/27/2011 “Vocabulary Boot Camp” – A Systematic and Regular Approach To Teaching Vocabulary Michael Williams
Rachel Star, Ph.D. M.Ed.
10/28/2011 Mandala Drawing: Facilitating Creative Growth in Adults with Thought Disorders: Can Mandala Intervention be effective in people suffering with incongruence of thought?” Anna Sandoval Kathy Gotshall, ATR-BC, LCSW
11/14/2011 Do Teachers Attitudes Toward Students with Special Needs Influence the Students' Perception of the Teacher in the Classroom? Kathryn Ilene Vickers Rea Rachel Star, Ph.D., M.Ed.
12/01/2011 Differences in the Biomechanics of
Windmill Pitching in Amateur Youth and College Level Pitchers.”
Leah Miller B.R. Ramachandran, Ph.D.
Science & Mathematics Dept.
12/01/2011 An Art-Based Inquiry into the Presence of Resiliency in the Open Studio Process Dawn Nuding Kathy Gotshall, ATR-BC, LCSW
12/07/2011 Does Praise Encourage Positive Behaviors in 3-5 Year Old children With A Mental Health Diagnosis? Tris Decker Rachel Star, Ph.D., M.Ed.
1/25/2012 How Does Use Of An Interactive White Board Affect Student Engagement and Assessment? Justina Benjamin Beth Fajt,
Ph.D., M.Ed.
1/27/2012 Does the use of re-seeing improve high school student attitudes toward biology?
Bridget Ireland Rachel Star, Ph.D., M.Ed.
1/27/2012 Are the "tried and true" study strategies such as flash cards and study guides effective if given a "new technological" twist? Estelle M. Britner Beth Fajt,
Ph.D., M.Ed.
1/27/2012 Will Read Naturally Increase DIBELS and Lexile Scores for Struggling Readers? Micah Hay Beth Fajt,
Ph.D., M.Ed.
1/30/2012 What are the Effects of Learning Test-taking Strategies and Study Skills on Daily Work and Test Scores? Corrina Tally Beth Fajt,
Ph.D., M.Ed.
1/30/2012 Does using ActivExpressions increase student engagement? Dana Loudermilk Beth Fajt,
Ph.D., M.Ed.
1/30/2012 Will using the methods of coin antennas and sorting/matching coins help special education students learn the worth and identification of each coin?  Kea Silcock  Beth Fajt,
Ph.D., M.Ed.
1/30/2012 Will the consistent use of Read Naturally Live increase reading comprehension?  Lacey Stone Rachel Star, Ph.D., M.Ed.
1/30/2012 Does the use of vocabulary notebooks increase student acquisition and retention of vocabulary words?  Robin Thoma  Rachel Star, Ph.D., M.Ed.
1/31/2012 Will using a scale degree numerical system to first graders be a successful method to teach and retain sight singing skills?  Alison West   Rachel Star, Ph.D., M.Ed.
1/31/2012 Will the use of literacy centers show an improvement in kindergarten students’ early reading skills?  Allyson Wegner   Beth Fajt,
Ph.D., M.Ed.
1/31/2012 Will the consistent use of Read Naturally Live increase reading fluency and comprehension? Madison Minnick  Rachel Star, Ph.D., M.Ed.
1/31/2012 Will Learning Centers Help Elementary Students with Nonfiction Text Comprehension? Rebecca Jeffers Beth Fajt,
Ph.D., M.Ed.
1/31/2012 Using Art Therapy as an Intervention to Help Decrease Aggressive Behaviors in School Age Children in a School Setting. Sara Sharp Kathy Gotshall, ATR-BC, LCSW
2/3/2012 Will using the C.D. and book Multiplication by Twin Sisters Productions for five to ten minutes a day help the students learn basic multiplication facts? Anna Berry  Rachel Star, Ph.D., M.Ed.
2/7/2012 Will the use of introductory video clips improve student motivation in a United States History class? Joshua A. Trout  Rachel Star, Ph.D., M.Ed.
2/7/2012 Do using graphic organizers help English 11 students remember SAT vocabulary words and definitions on their test? Mary P Speckman Beth Fajt,
Ph.D., M.Ed.
2/7/2012 Discovering Expression, Communication, and Interaction through Improvisational Music Therapy: Experiences of a Client with Profound Intellectual Disability. Michael J. Stavoli Tracy Richardson, Ph.D., MT-BC
2/15/2012  How does the use of Scholastic’s “Navigating Nonfiction” impact student comprehension of nonfiction text? Amy Hardey Beth Fajt,
Ph.D., M.Ed.
2/22/2012 Do positive phone calls home for students in low socio-economic classrooms impact classroom management? Danielle Hofer Beth Fajt,
Ph.D., M.Ed.
2/22/2012 Equine Facilitated Learning: Its Impact on Post-9/11 Veterans E. Campbell, J. Debish, K. Gosnell, T. Poore, K. Rosselli, A. Underwood Jackie Fischer, Ph. D.
2/22/2012 Does peer instruction and team roles increase student performance in the classroom? Sasha Edwards Rachel Star, Ph.D., M.Ed.
2/22/2012 Understanding Music Therapists’ Lived Experiences of Professional Identity: A Phenomenological Inquiry Melinda C. Kurowski Tracy Richardson, Ph.D., MT-BC
3/29/2012 The effects of music-assisted-relaxation for adolescent patients undergoing gastrointestinal procedures with anesthesia: a feasibility study. Christina Wood Tracy Richardson, Ph.D., MT-BC
4/10/2012 ´╗┐Self-Care for Parents of Children with Autism Elizabeth Engelking Tracy Richardson, Ph.D., MT-BC
4/26/2012 The Effect of Music Therapy Intervention on Comfort for Pediatric Epilepsy Patients Jennifer Walker Tracy Richardson,
Ph.D., MT-BC
5/2/2012 Group Singing and Wellness for Well-Adults: A Phenomenological Inquiry Megan Martin Tracy Richardson,
Ph.D., MT-BC

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