Research 2012-2013

IRB Research Approved

DateName of Research
Principal Investigators
6/4/2012 Self-Care of Hospice Music Therapists: A Phenomenological Inquiry Tracy Richardson, Ph.D. Brittany Scheer
9/26/2012 Worry Canvases: The Effectiveness of Combining the Expressive Therapies Continuum with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders Rachel Star, Ph.D. Maria Riccardi
10/2/2012 Moby Math and Standardized Test Scores Rachel Star, Ph.D. Whitney King
10/2/2012 An Empirical Pilot Study on Career Best-fit Decisions Based on the Holland Themes of Personality and Environment Using the Environment and Personality Imagery Card Sort Jill McNutt Karen Anderson-Fignon
10/10/2012 The Use of Art Therapy in Developing Healthy, Alternative Coping Skills in Women in Treatment for Substance Abuse Jill McNutt

Timberlee Myers

10/10/2012 Reducing the Tendency to Guess at Words through Phonics-based Instruction Rachel Star, Ph.D. Kimberly Yocum
10/14/2012 Developing Problem Solving Skills through Studio Thinking Framework in Visual Arts Education Rachel Star, Ph.D. Brittney Nees
10/15/2012 The Effects of Frayer Model Vocabulary Strategies on Reading Comprehension Rachel Star, Ph.D. Stacie Tabler
10/17/2012 Does Reviewing Mathematics Terms Increase Students' Scores? Rachel Star, Ph.D. Jose Valle
10/17/2012 How is Creative Writing Taught? Approaches to Creative Writing on the Post-Secondary Level Rachel Star, Ph.D. Julie Young
10/17/2012 Teaching Surgical Students with Case-Based Learning Rachel Star, Ph.D. Lyla Etchison
10/17/2012 The Effects of CAMS & STAMS Interventions on Students' Basic Math Skills Rachel Star, Ph.D. Josef Dicken
10/17/2012 Thinking Critically about Text Rachel Star, Ph.D. Rhonda Brandt
10/17/2012 Tootling: A Positive Behavior Program Rachel Star, Ph.D. Valerie Grumieaux
10/23/2012 Increasing Self-Esteem in Children from Violent Homes: An Art-Based Psycho-Educational Approach Jill McNutt Kathryn Hansen
10/24/2012 Spirituality in the Workplace: Scale Development & Validation Uday Shinde, Md  
11/6/2012 Students Understanding of File Folder Games and Activities Rachel Star, Ph.D. Michelle Mills-Thompson
11/8/2012 Claiming and Embracing Our Spirit: The Relationship Between Spirituality, Internalized Homophobia, and Self-Identity within the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning/Queer (LGBTQ) Community Jill McNutt Diane M. McKnight
11/26/2012 Perceptions of Homework from Teachers, Parents and Students Rachel Star, Ph.D. Jane Samarripa-Mosier
3/6/2013 Stories of experiences: Military spouses share their music therapy experiences Tracy Richardson, Ph.D. Corinne Richards
3/9/2013 Music Therapy and Animal Assisted Therapy in End of Life Care Tracy Richardson, Ph. D. Sharon Alery
4/18/2013 Music Therapy with Adolescents in Psychiatric Treatment Who Have Histories of Loss: A Thematic Analysis of Session Content Tracy Richardson, Ph.D. Jennifer Seley

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