Telephone Tips

Emergency Information

EMERGENCIES DIAL: 911 then (812) 535-6200
Non emergencies dial: (812) 535-5253

If you accidentally dial 911 do not hang up.  Stay on the line and identify the call as a mistake and apologize.  If you do panic and hang up, please call the Guardhouse at 5253 and inform them that the call was a mistake.  The 911 office automatically identifies the origin of the call and calls back to verify the nature of the emergency. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.

General Telephone Functions

Changing Ring Tone.

For shared offices, changing your ring tone can help you identify which phone is ringing.

  1. From the usual phone screen touch the **** 3 **** tab in the lower right.
  2. Touch the "Superkey" button.
  3. Choose "More..." from the menu options.
  4. Touch "Ring Adjust"
  5. Adjust the Ringer Pitch and Volume to suit your needs.
  6. When finished, touch the "Superkey" button to confirm your selection.

Configuring Call Forwarding.

There are two options for configuring call forwarding:

  1. You can direct all calls to immediately be forwarded to another number without ringing your phone
  2. You can select calls to be forwarded if you do not answer your phone or are currently using it.

To configure call forwarding on digital display phones (Mitel IP Phones) choose forwarding from the settings menu.

  1. In the usual phone display mode, touch the "Phone" label in the upper left corner.
  2. Touch the "Settings" button.
  3. Select an existing call forwarding option or choose New to configure a new call forwarding option.
  4. If creating a new option, enter the name of the option and the extension numbers to be dialed.
  5. Save and enable the call forwarding function.
  6. To disable call forwarding, select "None (Turn Off Call Forwarding) from the Call Forwarding Settings screen.

To configure call forwarding on analog phones:

To forward all calls (without ringing your phone) on analog phones:

To forward calls after ringing your phone (forwarding if you do not answer):

Do Not Disturb / Route all Calls to Voicemail

This feature should be used sparingly, it will route all calls directly to the voice mail system until turned off.

To configure Do Not Disturb on analog phones:

Pick Up

This feature allows you to pick up a call when you are in a shared office group.

Rebooting an Unresponsive Phone

Voice Mail

Retrieving your messages

  1. Pickup the receiver and dial 5249 or dial 812-535-5249 from an outside line.
  2. Press * to interrupt the message
  3. Enter your mailbox number
  4. Enter your password
  5. Follow the automatic operator's instructions to listen, repeat, and delete messages.
  6. If you receive a new message and do not listen to it within 7 days, it will automatically be deleted.

Vacation Mode / Extended Greeting Message

If you are out of the office for an extended meeting or vacation, you may put an additional greeting on your voice mail indicating your absence by following these directions:

  1. Dial into voice mail as usual (see "Retrieving your messages")
  2. Select 4 for Personal Options
  3. Select 3 for Greetings
  4. Select 2 for Extended Absence
  5. Follow the instructions to record and save your message

To disable vacation mode / extended greetings:

  1. Follow the instructions the next time you dial into voice mail.
  2. You may opt to retain or delete the extended greeting.

When deleting the greeting, please be careful not to get into the notification schedule under personal options. Inappropriate options may cause an alarm to be set off in the voice mail program - if you encounter and alarm or warning message please report the problem to IT - x1177.

Voice Mail Password

Only the individual owner of the voice mailbox accessed through a password can change the voice mail password.

When changing your password, choose something that you will remember easily but that no one else will associate with you.  Do not use your extension, office number, birth year, etc as voice mail passwords.

  1. Dial into voice mail as usual
  2. Select 4, Personal Options
  3. Select 2, Administrative Options
  4. Select 1, Passwords
  5. Select 5, Personal
  6. Follow any further instructions and voice prompts.

Voice Mail Group Lists

If you consistently send a voice mail message to the same group of individuals, you may set up a group list by:

  1. Dial into voice mail as usual
  2. Select 4, Personal Options
  3. Select 2, Administrative Options
  4. Select 2, Group Lists
  5. Follow any further instructions and voice prompts to create, edit, delete, or list members of group lists.

Activating / Troubleshooting Voice Mail

If you are having issues with missed calls NOT going to voice mail, you can enter these codes and the call will then be handled correctly. These instructions ONLY affect Busy and No Answer situations. Your phone will continue to ring as normal.