Hardware Discounts


Apple Education extends discounts on certain items to students and teachers.
For more information, visit: www.apple.com/education


Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College has partnered with Dell to provide our students, faculty and staff the ability to purchase Dell Computer equipment at a discount.
To view the products available and purchase, visit: www.dell.com/SMWC


HP Academy offers discounts to Students without a direct partnership.
To view and purchase available products, visit: https://hp.force.com/external/hpacademy?AOID=51289

Note: The information provided above is for informational purposes only. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College does not require students, faculty or staff to purchase computer equipment through Apple, Dell or HP or their affiliates. SMWC receives no incentive for equipment purchased through the sites. Site support, sales, refunds and technical support are provided solely by the manufacturer. Purchase through these sites does not imply service or support of the equipment by SMWC technicians. 

Downloadable Software


Adobe software is available at a discount for students. For more information, visit: www.adobe.com/education/students/how-to-buy-eligibility.edu.html
Some products may also be available through your textbook or the SMWC Bookstore.

Microsoft Office 365

All students can download the version of Microsoft Office current for their computer. Click here for instructions.

OnTheHub Store

The OnTheHub web store offers students, faculty and staff access to purchase software at a discounted, educational rate. Students may purchase a perpetual copy of Microsoft Office from this site prior to graduation to continue use of the software after the 365 subscription expires following graduation. Use your SMWC Email address to register for your account with the site; it is not linked to your email login password. Visit: smwc.onthehub.com


Through a partnership with Microsoft, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College extends software licensing for Microsoft products to faculty and students enrolled in Business, CIS, Science, Mathematics and Leadership Development courses. Access to the software is granted for non-profit and educational use. Microsoft partners with Kivuto Solutions to make ELMS WebStores available for the distribution of Microsoft Imagine software through an agreement between SMWC institution and Microsoft.

To request access to the ELMS WebStore (also referred to as MSDNAA), please contact the SMWC Helpdesk or call 812-535-1177. Your eligibility will be reviewed and access will be assigned accordingly.

Titles available include:

  • Expressions
  • OneNote
  • Project Professional
  • Visual Studio
  • Windows operating systems
  • many others…

Software Distribution

  • The software that is part of this license is restricted to instructional use and/or non-commercial research use Only.
  • The software that is part of this license may not be used to run the infrastructure of any units of the Department of Mathematics, Science, and Computer Science.
  • Students must be taking at least one for-credit course within the Mathematics, Science, Computer Science Department in order to be able to download and install software under this license.
  • Students, faculty, and/or staff, who leave the College are able to continue to use software from this license that was loaded on their machines PRIOR to their departure from the College. This software may only be used for purposes specified by the MSDNAA EULA.
  • Software distribution is provided to the participants thru the electronic license management system (ELMS) maintained by E-Academy.
  • Campus students are authorized to download software through the ELMS system after Drop/Add at the start of each semester. Your campus email address [smwc id@smwc.edu] serves as your login id. Your initial password will be emailed to this address when you are authorized.
  • Distance students are authorized to download software through the ELMS system after Drop/Add at the start of each semester also, however your login id will be the email address that is on file with the registrars office, as your initial password will be mailed to this address.
  • Faculty and staff are authorized to download software at any point in time, as long as the remain affiliated with the Mathematics, Science, and Computer Science Department. Your SMWC email address will serve as your login id, and your initial password will be mailed to this account
  • By using the software available through this licensing program you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of the end-user license agreement (EULA). Be sure to read and understand the license agreement and the program usage guidelines.