Benefits to enrolling in SMWC’s PM to BSN Program

Blog | 03.16.2023

There are several compelling reasons why earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (SMWC) may be an excellent choice for paramedics seeking to advance their careers. SMWC offers one of the only online programs enabling paramedics to earn a BSN (PM to BSN). Here are five benefits for paramedics to earn a BSN:

  1. Increased Career Opportunities: One of the primary reasons why Paramedics might consider earning a BSN is that it opens up a broad range of career opportunities beyond the traditional role of emergency medical services (EMS). By obtaining a BSN, you can pursue various nursing positions, such as clinical nurse manager, charge nurse or nurse educator. BSN holders can also apply for positions in specialties like critical care, pediatrics and emergency nursing, among others.
  2. Enhanced Professional Development: As a BSN holder, you will gain additional knowledge and skills beyond the core competencies of Paramedic training, which will enhance your professional development. This advanced education can help you become a more well-rounded healthcare provider, able to care for patients with a broader range of illnesses and injuries. You’ll also learn leadership skills, research techniques and critical thinking skills that will help you advance your career.
  3. Better Earning Potential: Another benefit of obtaining a BSN is the potential to earn a higher salary. According to, the median annual salary for a registered nurse (RN) with a BSN is $85,244, compared to $67,233 for an RN with an associate’s degree in nursing (ADN). Earning a BSN could increase your earning potential and improve your financial stability.
  4. Greater Responsibility: With a BSN, you will be eligible for more significant responsibilities and leadership roles in healthcare. You may be tasked with leading teams of nurses, supervising care delivery or developing and implementing patient care plans. It will help you be better prepared to take on these responsibilities and advance your career.
  5. Personal Growth: Pursuing a BSN can be a deeply fulfilling experience contributing to personal growth. It can provide a sense of achievement, personal fulfillment, and a feeling of contributing to the community. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you are providing critical care to those in need, making a significant difference in the lives of your patients and improving your community’s health outcomes.

Overall, earning a BSN as a paramedic can open doors to new opportunities, enhance your professional development, increase your earning potential and provide personal growth and fulfillment.

The online offering at SMWC is designed to accommodate varied work schedules and enable paramedics to remain employed in the field while completing this degree. For more information or to apply to the program, contact the Office of Admissions.


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