Silhouette of a horse in the stable doorway

Equine Science Overview

The equine science minor is designed for pre-professional students or those desiring a solid background in equine science. This minor adds emphasis to general horse knowledge across many facets of the equine industry. Students interested in pursuing graduate degrees, veterinary degrees and/or interested in being a vet technician will find this minor helpful. This minor is also very useful for individuals looking to eventually own or run their own boarding or training facility because there is so much general horse knowledge to be found in these courses. We strongly encourage this minor for all students who are interested in working directly with horses after the completion of their degree.

Interested in majoring in equine science? An individualized major is available to you. While not offered in the general curriculum, a major in equine science can be put together through various consortium agreements and individualized customization. If you are considering a equince science major contact us today to discuss your options.

Equine Internships
We assist you in finding educational internships for the summer and during school breaks. Previous internships have included work at breeding farms, lesson and show barns and summer camps. Internships are a valuable learning tool and we strongly encourage students to take advantage of this experience even before you begin your college education.


What is equine science and what can you do with a degree in it?
Equine science is an in-depth study of all aspects of horses, including care, nutrition, behavior and management. Careers in equine science include a wide range:

  • Managing horse breeding facilities
  • Equine research
  • College teaching
  • Breed associations
  • Event management
  • Cooperative extensions
  • Equine massage/physical therapy
  • Horse publications
  • Farriers
  • Equine reproduction specialist
  • Equine nutritionist
  • Barn managers

What support and resources are provided at SMWC?
The Learning Resource Center (LRC) provides exceptional, personalized learning resource services to encourage student success. The LRC offers help with a range of academic support services, including a writing center, tutoring, college success courses and more.