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Men’s basketball coach welcomed to campus

News | 07.07.2020
President King speaking at the event
President Dottie King welcomes Mitchell to campus

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College introduced the first men’s head basketball coach Enzley Mitchell IV on Thursday, June 11, at the Knoerle Center. He will begin recruiting for the team to take to the court in 2021.

Mitchell has experience in creating a team from scratch, and reviving a program at another institution.

“This isn’t his first time building a program. He actually built a program at Northern New Mexico University, and he built it from nothing. So, we’re actually going to give him more than nothing to start the program here,” Deanna Bradley, athletic director at SMWC, said.

Mitchell, who Bradley describes as a “gentle giant,” is ready to get the team started.

“I’m excited to be a part of a program where we’re doing it the right way,” Mitchell said. “We’ve thought things through and [we are] adding programs that make sense. I’m looking forward to adding men’s basketball and making it part of the College culture.”

SMWC President Dottie King welcomed Mitchell to campus.

“You will be part of our legacy, and you will be remembered for years,” King said.

Coach Mitchell speaking at podium
Men’s Head Basketball Coach, Enzley Mitchell IV, speaking at the welcome.

He said he is also excited about adding to the legacy of The Woods, and aims to bring excitement to the students. However, one of his main goals is to give the athletes he recruits a positive future.

“The thing that I’m telling the guys I’m recruiting right now is ‘Hey, I want you to have a great foundation for the rest of your life.’ Part of that is the academic piece and certainly the basketball piece,” Mitchell said.

While the coach has not reached out to Wabash Valley schools yet, he said he intends to in the coming weeks. He is also looking elsewhere to have students who fit the Woods Way.

“We leave no stone unturned in terms of looking for talent to come here,” he said. “We will definitely have a local flavor to the team. We’ll recruit wherever we have to to bring students in that help us win. We want to win right away – we want to be competitive right away.”

Before becoming a Pomeroy, Mitchell served as the assistant professor of sports management and kinesiology department chair at Bethel University. He also works with high school athletes through the college recruiting process via his business Prep Search, where he is the owner and operator.

He earned his doctorate in sports administration from Concordia University-Chicago. He attended Indiana State University to receive a master’s degree in recreation and sports management, and got his B.A. in business administration from Spring Arbor University.

Mitchell is a Fort Wayne native, and now resides in Indianapolis. He is married with one daughter.