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SMWC announces new foodservice partnership with Bon Appétit Management Company

News | 05.03.2021

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College announced today a new partnership with Bon Appétit Management Company, who will manage the foodservice contract in the new dining center and residence hall, currently under construction.

“We are thrilled to be opening our new dining center this fall with Bon Appétit,” said Jaclyn Walters, vice president for finance and administration. “Following a months-long process which included focus sessions with students and discussions with a number of potential partners, we are excited about the opportunity to move in this direction.”

Bon Appétit is a foodservice management company known for its culinary expertise, including small-batch scratch cooking, local sourcing of ingredients and a commitment to socially responsible practices.

“Food is the heart of the student experience, which makes the campus dining center so much more than a space to feed students – it’s about creating community and providing a place for our Woods family to come together,” said Dottie King, Ph.D., President. “With Bon Appétit at the helm in our new facility, we plan to greatly expand options for students by providing longer service hours, in-between options as part of a grab-and-go market, a fun and modern atmosphere, healthy options with access to on-site nutritionists, pop-up dining experiences and, of course, great food.”

Bon Appétit will begin operations on campus in July. The new dining center is expected to open for students in August. They will also operate The Woods Café in Rooney Library.

“We are excited to become a part of the SMWC student experience,” said Bon Appétit General Manager Debbie Robinson. “Our collaborative partnership with the College and the student body will allow us to share our devotion of creating flavorful, nutritious meals in a socially responsible manner.”

“Bon Appétit’s sustainable practices and food sourcing practices fit nicely with SMWC’s values of sustainability and social justice, which just makes this a great partnership all around,” said Walters. “This further strengthens our commitment to our values as we stand steadfast in our mission. It also demonstrates that we are wholly invested in our students.”

“We’ll be able to better serve all of our students, including those who have altered schedules such as student athletes, nursing students and student teachers,” explained King.

The Aspire Even Higher Strategic Plan draws from the collective effort and ideas of nearly 40 members of the faculty and staff, providing a framework for growth and delivering on the vision of President King. The construction of a new dining center and residence hall which also includes the repositioning of the College’s bookstore, operated by Follett, is one of a number of initiatives underway. Other student initiatives include updating lighting throughout campus, expanding parking, completing renovations to the current residence hall, Le Fer Hall, and expanding student services in both academics and counseling.

King added, “This will truly be a partnership between SMWC and Bon Appétit, and I am excited about the potential for taking foodservice at The Woods to the next level as part of our strategic efforts as we continue to address efforts to grow enrollment and increase retention with our campus student population. I believe Providence has joined in our efforts as it surely is such a great time to be part of The Woods.”