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Blog | 04.01.2024

This story appeared in the 2023-24 Annual Report issue of Onyx Anneau.

By Timothy Lueking, junior, nursing and healthcare administration double major

My experience at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College has been incredibly enriching. Here at The Woods, I’ve found my place in the vibrant community, particularly through my involvement in the track and field program, Saint Mother Theodore Guerin (SMTG) scholar program and now the Presidential Corps.

The Woods offers more than just an academic setting. The track and field program has been a cornerstone of my college journey, enhancing my athletic abilities and providing a sense of belonging within the close-knit Cross Country team and the Track & Field team. Being a scholar student has added an extra layer to my education, connecting me with like-minded individuals and opening doors to intellectual pursuits.

Being an involved student here means embracing opportunities beyond the standard curriculum. The Presidential Corps has been a significant part of my college life, offering a platform to develop leadership skills and contribute positively to campus life. Additionally, the SMTG Scholarship cohort has been pivotal in my academic growth, providing a stimulating environment for intellectual exploration

When I am asked about SMWC, I emphasize the unique blend of academic rigor, athletic camaraderie and opportunities for personal development. The decision to come to The Woods has been transformative, setting the stage for a dynamic and fulfilling future. Students at SMWC are embracing the diverse opportunities this institution offers, fostering both academic success and personal growth. SMWC isn’t just a college; it’s a community that shapes and enriches every aspect of the college experience. The Woods Way is the right way.

Tim Lueking is a junior at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, majoring in nursing and healthcare administration. Originally from Crawfordsville, Indiana, Tim serves at Student Senate President, is a member of the Presidential Corps and is also on the Cross Country and Track and Field Teams are SMWC.


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