Equine Facilities

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, is the only equine program in Indiana to offer Bachelor of Science degrees in equine business management, equine, studies and equine training and instruction. Additionally, SMWC is one of approximately 20 equestrian colleges in the U.S. to offer a Bachelor of Science degree in equine studies.

Over the years the equine program has evolved and expanded at SMWC to meet the growing demand of students and the horse industry. In 1999, the Board of Trustees approved a major expansion and renovation of the current facility. In the winter of 2001, construction was completed. This new construction allowed space for personnel in the equine department, additional stalls, and teaching and laboratory area.

Training and Boarding Barn

  • 24 stalls
  • 2 tack rooms
  • on-site restrooms
  • classroom area
  • office area
  • student lounge

Academic Program Complex

  • 31 stalls
  • 4 grooming stalls
  • 2 wash stalls
  • tack room
  • on-site restrooms
  • classroom area
  • office area
  • laboratory building

Arena Features

  • Indoor: 90 x 150 feet
  • Outdoor: 150 x 250 feet
  • 2 story announcer's building
  • Indoor & outdoor bleacher seating area
  • 2 round pens
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  • 6 general pasture areas
  • approximately 40 acres

The original barn is architecturally very appealing with its massive Gambrel red roof and masonry façade. This charming stable contains 24 stalls, a classroom, 2 tack rooms, office space, and restrooms. This historic barn is a general gathering place for all equine students.

The new stalling area is connected to the original barn with two roofed sections and a lovely courtyard in the center of the two barns. The new barn is 230 x 40 feet, housing 31 stalls, 1 large tack room, 4 grooming stalls, 2 wash stalls, and a storage area for grain and equipment. This space is entirely heated, and the design allows for a very work friendly environment. The stalls add a special appearance to the interior with arched design; grill work, and decorative lighting.

Additional space for the classroom and class area is very beneficial to accessibility and space to bring a horse into the teaching area. This new addition dramatically improves horse management skills, and allows students and instructors the opportunity for hands on interaction in horse care and horse training, which we feel is so very vital to the equine industry.

The equine facility at SMWC has many attractive features, which serve to prepare students for a successful career and a variety of equine jobs. Please come visit us for a tour.