Drop / Add Classes

Please be aware that there are separate drop forms and policies for each program at SMWC (campus, Woods Online, graduate programs).  Be sure to use the correct drop form and reference the correct drop policy when making decisions on adding or dropping courses.

Additionally, adding or dropping courses may significantly affect your financial aid, please consult with the Financial Aid Office if you have questions or concerns.

Withdrawing from College

Students who have decided to withdraw should request a withdrawal form from the Office of the Registrar or the Office of Student Development.

Students who withdraw are asked to tell the College why they are leaving. Any responses are treated with confidentiality, but may be aggregated as the College examines how better to serve future students.

Campus Drop / Add Policies

You can ADD a course up until 10% of the scheduled meetings have taken place.

You can DROP a course

Once 50% of the semester has passed, it is no longer possible to drop a course.

Campus Drop / Add Form (PDF - 259.18 KB)

Woods Online Drop / Add Policies

Please refer to the Woods Online student resource section for further information about dropping a Woods Online course.

Read PDF files with the free Adobe Reader.