Campus Security

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods is committed to providing a safe environment in which students, faculty, staff and visitors can learn, teach and work.To assist with the safety and security of the SMWC community, the College has implemented the following best practices.


Security staff. The security staff is on duty twenty-four hours a day, each day of the year. While they have an office, they generally can be seen out patrolling the campus and checking the buildings to ensure that everything is secure and safe. In an emergency, they may be reached via their radio/telephone.

Emergency responders. Each building has an emergency responder that will ensure that the people in the building are aware of the emergency.

Text and email messaging alerts.
 Each member of the community can subscribe free to the emergency text messaging alert system. This system is used in the case of emergencies or weather closures. For more information, contact the Office of Student Development.

Emergency siren system.
 In 2008, an emergency siren system was installed. Sirens can be heard through the campus in the case of an emergency or weather warning. 

Security cameras and lights. Security cameras and lights have been installed in various areas, included at each building entrance, on campus to increase security.

Buddy system. Students are encouraged to take a friend when out walking after dark. When arriving to campus late at night, students may contact security to drive them from the parking lot to the residence hall.