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10 careers you can have with a media art degree

Blog | 04.19.2021

Design platforms, graphics, a universe of colors and so much more. There’s a wide variety of factors in the media art area of expertise. Whether you prefer being behind the camera or in front of the design screen, a career in media arts often requires a lot of work behind the scenes. At Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, we are determined to ensure that students are aware of the numerous paths they can take after graduating. Check out 10 careers you can pursue with a degree in media art.

1. Design director

Whether you’re in advertising or designing content layouts, creativity is a requirement as a design director. Having strong leadership skills is vital to this career as you will often delegate tasks and projects to design team members. Your input will be required for many projects, so it’s important to communicate.

Job tasks can include:

  • Lead brainstorming sessions for marketing ideas
  • Create timelines and budgets for projects
  • Review feedback from clients and implement changes to projects accordingly

2. Freelance media artist

Your schedule? You make it. Your clients? You pick them. Your materials? You design them. As a freelance media artist, you have the freedom to create a unique brand that represents you and your values. Client lists can vary, but that’s the beauty of it. You are in complete control. Many people are freelancers as a hobby, but some can make full careers out of it.

Job tasks can include:

  • Meet with clients to discuss projects goals and timelines
  • Perform updates to your personal website annually
  • Add materials to a public portfolio to allow clients to view

3. Multi-media designer

As a multi-media artist, understanding numerous platforms will be a part of your career. It’s important to be a team player in your daily routine. Being a multi-media designer requires skills in creativity, organization and flexibility. Understanding the vision of your company is important as you’ll be the driving force of communicating those values non-verbally.

Job tasks can include:

  • Craft digital images, video animation and other graphics
  • Develop media content ideas
  • Record and edit audio files

4. Photographer

Sharing words through imagery — that’s one of the best things about being in the photography business. Whether your photos are selected to pair well with a story, featured in a publication or showcased in an art gallery, there is a wide variety you can have in this career.

Job tasks can include:

  • Submit photos to local businesses to showcase in website content
  • Edit personal website content to inform clients of brand updates
  • Capture and edit photos for clients

5. Web designer

As a web designer, you’ll be the key point in creating the landing spot for audiences. Displaying company brands through design and eye-drawing words will be a part of your daily routine but in a variety of ways. In this career, you must have the target audiences’ perspective and know what the people want. You’ll often work with other team members regarding social media blasts, press release schedules and other web content launches.

Job tasks can include:

  • Create design regulations for company
  • Craft sample pages for website sections
  • Backlink buttons, photos and URL’s to website

6. Content strategist

You’ll be on both sides of web content. While displaying your creative skills in content writing, you’ll also show your knowledge of social trends among different markets and generations. Being a team player is important in this career. Various departments will often look to you for strategizing materials. As a content strategist, it’s important to keep yourself updated with marketing trends and popular strategies.

Job tasks can include:

  • Research web social media trends
  • Lead brainstorming sessions with department members
  • Craft and edit blogs, press releases and other website materials

7. Video journalist

As a video journalist, talking to people will be a constant part of your routine. From setting up interviews to having days full of filming, you’ll show your unique perspective every day. Having experience in different film tools and programs will benefit you in this career. Staying up-to-date on different video trends is vital in this career.

Job tasks can include:

  • Film and edit videos
  • Upload video content to websites
  • Review scripts before recording or filming

8. Storyboard artist

From sketching to picking materials up fresh off the press, being a storyboard artist takes high levels of creativity. Being organized is important to keep presentation dates. Whether you are devoted to one specific client or multiple clients, flexibility is a key quality to have. Understanding a client’s vision and working around that is important with any storyboard project.

Job tasks can include:

  • Meet with clients to discuss project and goals
  • Communicate with clients and print company about deadlines
  • Send proofs to clients to approve before sending to printer

9. Presentation designer

A presentation designer takes care of all materials needed for a pitch or presentation. From printing out infographics to designing the details of power points. This career requires a lot of organization. Communication is key when creating the design of a presentation.

Job tasks can include:

  • Meeting with team to go over presentation goals
  • Send proofs of presentation materials to clients
  • Deliver and send presentation pieces to team prior to ‘pitch date’

10. Media specialist

Being a media specialist comes with the experience of research. Understanding social media platforms is imperative to this career. Often, you’ll be asked about the logistics of social media and what can be used on certain platforms. You’ll be able to show your knowledge of social trends while also displaying your creative side.

Job tasks can include:

  • Creating social media release schedules
  • Strategize different content strategies with co-workers
  • Craft different media content such as blogs and press releases


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Hannah Joseph | 12.17.2022 at 4:31pm
I love the brake down for each courses
Nathaniel Harrison | 09.02.2021 at 7:48am
My career would be a video journalist because i would like to edit movies or short clips of stuff,and it would help us to this day because people could get better at editing movies.