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12 Careers you can have with a graphic design degree

Blog | 11.18.2020

It’s the world of software, design, sketches and more. Graphic design can introduce you to a world of informative art. There are many ways to show your personality, the values of your company and express personal views of art pieces and graphics. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (SMWC) has a strong graphic design program that has continued to grow. Since there is such a wide variety of careers, the College wants to assure students of the career options there are. Here are 12 careers you can pursue with a graphic design degree.

1. Art director

As an art director, leadership and delegation are traits that are necessary at all times. By advising different art styles and elements used in a piece of art, you will enhance the appearance of the facility you direct. It’s important to have personable and strong communication skills. Each art piece will have a certain audience, so it’s crucial to see varying interpretations of pieces based on potential targeted audiences.

Job tasks can include:

  • Working with clients to design and create projects
  • Communicating with local officials
  • Creating initials drawings independently
  • Working with different artists and discuss goals for art facility and support different visions of company and clients

2. Creative designer

You’ll bring the energy to meetings. Being a creative designer requires having an open mind and being optimistic. You’ll work to build strong relationships with clients by using strong communication skills and offering your expertise on what trends are working in the life of advertising, campaigns and graphics. As a creative designer, you must have knowledge of each generations’ taste and understand what campaign routes will be the most successful.

Job tasks can include:

  • Working with various graphic design programs
  • Creating banners, advertisements, web pages and marketing packages
  • Offering ideas in meetings to enhance client visions
  • Meeting with clients and teams separately to ensure visions align

3. Brand identity designer

As a brand identity designer, one of your main objectives will be to identify a brand’s message. Building client relationships based on honesty will be a constant goal. You’ll take part in meetings to ensure your client’s brand is being represented well. Communication is key to this career as you will be working closely with clients on a daily basis to understand their brand vision.

Job tasks can include:

  • Designing product boxes
  • Laying out website content
  • Gathering data from completed campaigns
  • Annually meeting with clients to discuss the brand vision

4. Design director

To ensure all products and experiences are positive and on time, you will have the opportunity to show off your communication skills as a design director. Organization is vital in this career as you will deal with budget details, setting meetings and appointments and working with a team on multiple projects.

Job tasks can include:

  • Maintaining client relationships
  • Managing budgets
  • Collaborating with team members
  • Pitching product ideas to clients based on brand vision

5. Freelance graphic designer

As a self-employed designer, you will call the shots on what tasks to take on. It’s one of the beauties of being a freelancer. It is important to have the capabilities to focus on multiple projects at once. Organization is key, as you will be working with different clients with different brand identities.

Job tasks can include:

  • Networking with clients
  • Completing design projects
  • Developing imager concepts
  • Communicating with architects to update blueprints, measurements and other design details

6. Illustrator

With a wide range of talents, you will be able to highlight your love for art as an illustrator. From creating images for books to piecing storyboards together for different marketing campaigns. Illustrators are often creators of title pages for books and different campaign presentations for announcements or groundbreakings.

Job tasks can include:

  • Supporting vision of clients
  • Completing digital editing to websites
  • Working with management and marketing departments
  • Creating business presentations

7. Web designer

Web designers are often responsible for everything involved with website location platforms. If there are concerns with backlinking or the layout of a website, it’s vital to understand the ins and outs of website content and maneuvering it. Scheduling posts, press releases and other web content will be a constant part of your workday.

Job tasks can include:

  • Creating websites
  • Producing sample pages and layout
  • Conducting meetings with clients to discuss website vision and requirements for projects
  • Setting automatic deadlines and publish settings for the launch of content and projects

8. Multimedia animator

As a multimedia animator, you will be the creative mind behind advertisements, video structures and graphics. Having a creative mindset and working well with others is important. You must understand how to work on multiple creative design platforms. Working with team members and clients will be an everyday activity for you.

Job tasks can include:

  • Creating informative videos, ads and other media content
  • Conducting interviews
  • Conducting research and collect data
  • Using computer design programs

9. Film editor

Assessing film will be a daily task of yours as a film editor. You must have experience or skills in editing videos. Seeing clients’ vision is crucial in this career. It’s important to have empathy so you can portray the correct message to your target audience.

Job tasks can include:

  • Reading and understanding scripts to see the vision of clients
  • Visiting set locations during filming
  • Editing footage segments
  • Selecting scenes

10. Logo designer

With your daily tasks involving creativity, you will show your talents of designing different campaign and business logos. It is important to be able to balance several projects at a time and being flexible with your schedule. You will have the opportunity to help businesses communicate their brand with its first impressions and networking through advertising.

Job tasks can include:

  • Meeting with clients to discuss campaign and logos
  • Creating design layouts
  • Managing branding projects
  • Providing unique and functional design solutions

11. Layout artist

Creating visual and digital towns will be a touch of what you’ll do as a layout artist. From offering advice on popular design trends, to organizing layouts for presentations of company year overviews. Your leadership and unique style will play a part in this career.

Job tasks can include:

  • Working with design software programs
  • Editing layouts of content and graphics
  • Determining color schemes for projects
  • Taking part in creating graphics

12. Interior spatial designer

Organizing furniture, arranging color schemes and putting character into a place will be your main objectives as an interior spatial designer. Putting your personality into your work will show clients the love you have for your job, which will help with your customer relationships and satisfaction. By keeping an open mind, you are sure to enjoy every day at work.

Job tasks can include:

  • Sketching basic preliminary designs
  • Creating timelines for projects
  • Using computer software to create digital layout of projects
  • Searching for and make bids on projects


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Mzwakhe Eric Junior Makhabane | 02.21.2022 at 12:16pm
Hello Everyone. I am Mzwakhe Eric Junior Makhabane. I would like to be a Freelancer Graphic Designer. I am very good at art. I can do Drawings, Sketches, Paintings and Animation.