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7 careers you can have with a degree in information technology

Blog | 11.02.2020

In the world of technology, there is a lot that happens behind the scenes. Majoring in information technology (IT) is an in-demand field and popular among young college students. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (SMWC) is determined to assist students to know their career options. Whether it’s coding or building software, there’s a lot you can do in the technology field. Here are seven careers you can pursue with an IT degree.

1. Systems analyst

As a systems analyst, you will examine how well software, hardware and other systems fit with a business. System analysts often write needs and requirements for new systems and may also implement them. The daily routine can be enjoyable – whether you use your strong software knowledge or coding experience.

Job tasks can include:

  • Talk with users about their personal technology use
  • Examine current and past software systems
  • Work with other IT staff to create new systems

2. Project manager

Having strong leadership is a quality you must show everyday as a project manager. It’s necessary to be organized so you implement deadlines, manage schedule submissions and have a good system flow. Communication is highly important in this career, as you will be assigning projects and tasks to team members.

Job tasks can include:

  • Prepare reports
  • Manage customer satisfaction
  • Delegate tasks or system work to team members

3. Web developer

This career requires self-discipline and creativity. Developing and designing websites for companies will be a constant part of your routine. You’ll be in charge of updates to websites – so it’s crucial to have knowledge using multiple types of software, programs and operating systems.

Job tasks can include:

  • Direct and perform website updates
  • Edit, write or design web content
  • Evaluate codes to ensure all is aligned with standards of the company

4. Support specialist

As a support specialist, you’ll be able to show your problem-solving and communication skills, as well as your patience. As a support specialist, it’s required to respect confidentiality.

Job tasks can include:

  • Place software in production
  • Prepare software reports and examine systems status
  • Evaluate system potential by testing

5. IT consultant

You will be responsible for technology solutions to solve business problems or concerns. In this career, you will be keep the technology schedule organized. Implementing scheduled tests, coding procedures, website launches and database scans will be a part of your daily routine.

Job tasks can include:

  • Train staff to use the new IT systems
  • Analyze security threats
  • Produce detailed reports on efficiency of technology

6. Software developer

A major part of a career in software development is coding and building software. Problem-solving is necessary for this career. Understanding the trending formats and programs is important to know in this career.

Job tasks can include:

  • Prepare programming reports
  • Direct system tests and procedures
  • Modify software to fix errors

7. Information security analyst

As an information security analyst, you will monitor computer networks for security issues. Searching for security breaches will be a constant part of your routine. When a security issue happens, you will develop procedures to keep this from damaging software, leaking or losing important information. Because of this, you must have a quick turn around. If a situation arises, being a quick problem solver will pay off in this career.

Job tasks can include:

  • Keep records of security breaches
  • Monitor networks for issues
  • Stay updated on IT trends and security


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