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8 careers you can have with a degree in art

Blog | 09.17.2020

Many artists are often asked how they got their start and what you need to do in order to have a career in the field. Earning a degree in art could be the perfect answer for you. Being that Saint May-of-the-Woods College (SMWC) is a liberal arts school, there’s a growing interest in the art and art therapy programs. If you are unsure of what path you can take with an art degree after graduation, we are here to help. Check out eight careers you can pursue by having an art degree.

1. Art therapist

Art is often found as a good way to heal. By being an art therapist, you’ll have the ability and opportunity to help patients progress through injuries and help them cope with permanent injuries. You will be a positive influence by showing patients that channeling feelings into art can help them benefit in some way, shape or form.

Jobs tasks may include:

  • Meet with patients through appointments to discuss completed artwork
  • Track patients progress through times of sessions
  • Conduct art session using various types of art (visual, modeling, sculpting, painting)

2. Art administrator

While taking care of the operations side of an organization or company, you will also be the public face behind the organization. Whether giving statements, setting up events or booking sponsors for your company’s event, you strive to get others excited about art.

Job tasks may include:

  • Develop budgets, plan events (profitable and charity)
  • Speak publicly, give news statements, overviews about events
  • Supervise both paid and volunteer staff

3. Studio manager

By calling the shots, you will show both your passion for art and your leadership qualities. You must have strong team management skills, as well as being flexible. Not every studio management is the same, so it’s important to be able to adapt to the routine at any studio.

Job tasks may include:

  • Install, operate and troubleshoot technical equipment
  • Responsible for hiring, organizing and training employees
  • Invoicing and tracking payments made by clients

4. Curator

Taking art knowledge to a whole new level won’t just be part of your job, but it will be part of you – from cataloging all art in collections to writing exhibition quotes. Having strong skills in public speaking is imperative. It’s your job to make sure all exhibit pieces are well-kept and handled carefully. While this career can be serious, it can also be rewarding because of how much you are giving back through events, showcases and meaningful displays of art.

Job tasks may include:

  • Organize viewings/shows
  • Manage all collections that come to company
  • Plan the installation of new pieces and exhibits

5. Art teacher

You’ll have the opportunity of a lifetime – to teach history and ways of art. By knowing about many artists and history behind different pieces of art, students will have the opportunity to grow in their knowledge of art. Whether you teach in your own studio, a therapy facility, or even a school, art is a language that can be exciting to teach.

Job tasks may include:

  • Encourage creativity
  • Supervise classes
  • Teach different art styles and techniques

6. Display designer

Arranging sets. Placing decorations. Organizing different pieces. As a display designer, you will aim to promote the client’s products in the best way possible. By representing their brand and making their image the best possible, you’ll build quality relationships with your clients. Your clear skills of communication will be highlighted in all job tasks and will help with your customer satisfaction rates. Pursuing this career is intense, but allows you to express your creativity and unique personality through a different kind of art.

Job tasks may include:

  • Overseeing sight of production
  • Research costs and align with client budgets
  • Installing and dismantling displays

7. Illustrator

Possessing skills in digital and print media, you’ll show clients that they made the right choice choosing you as an illustrator for their brand or product. This position works closely with clients and marketing teams to create unique imagery.

Job tasks can include:

  • Brainstorming and forming ideas
  • Understand how to use different image software
  • Define budgets and time frames for projects

8. Photographer

Photography has evolved through the years, but the goals of it have remained the same – to capture the best image possible. Your skills in photo editing will serve you well. You’ll have the opportunity to capture moments in time and show the art behind them.

Job tasks can include:

  • Edit photos on digital software
  • Record and maintain photo portfolio
  • Perform numerous photography techniques and light equipment


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