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A reflection as we look forward to spring

Blog | 02.26.2021

By Jared Wuerzburger, Ph.D., Campus Life Minister

The Cabinet of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College gathered to say a prayer as we look forward to spring.

We started this semester via this welcome. And, this welcome started like we start all good works, in prayer. Our president, Dottie L. King, Ph.D., asked us to remember that the Lord walks with us even in the most challenging times. And asked God to provide us with the intellectual and spiritual gifts necessary to make this year a great one. She also read from the Gospel of Mark (4:30-32), reflecting on how God desires each of us to grow “larger than any of us can imagine” by prayerfully placing effort into our work, studies, or tasks set before us.

Brennan Randolph, vice president for enrollment management and institutional technology, prayed that we may see God’s loving assistance in “accomplishments and growth opportunities.”

Janet Clark, vice president for academic and student affairs, requested God’s help for each student, faculty or staff to “look beyond ourselves and think how our every action affects others.”

Jaclyn Walters, vice president for finance and administration, asked God to “help us to build bridges rather than walls. Make us instruments of your peace.”

Karen Dyer, vice president for advancement and strategic initiatives, finished by requesting the intercession of Saint Mother Theodore Guerin for “peace and hope for a better community for those who experience violence.”

I wrote a small prayer to propel us into the glories that God will provide us this semester.

Let us pray:

Jesus, I ask you to be with students as they return to school this year. Some will return to the physical classroom, others to online classes and some will do both. All need your protection and your guidance. Bless college students who are aware of how COVID-19 is changing lives all around them. Please help them to focus on their studies while remaining vigilant to what this time requires them to keep themselves and others safe. The world awaits them. Help them, O God, to stay hopeful about the future. Bless their professors with wisdom and understanding and embrace these students and professors with your love. Lastly, shed your light of goodness on the staff members that prepare spaces and resources for our students to succeed.

Lord, help us remember and know who you are and that we belong to you always. We ask for your mercy and healing. Please help us to live for your glory in our spring 2021 semester.   Remind us of your gospel message, empower us to grow as your mustard seed into a Tree whose size we could not even imagine.



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