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Blog | 03.01.2021

By L.A. Fraley ’20, Woods Online graduate

Headshot of L.A. Fraley
L.A. Fraley ’20

Here I sit on an unusually warm Sunday afternoon in November watching my husband and boys throw the football in the yard, and I can honestly say I look forward to the future. Our world is changing and challenging. And our country is in need of the kindness, courage, leadership and ingenuity fostered in students who dare to aim for more led by an institution of learning that knows where to push and where to nurture. I’m a proud alumna of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College. Her faith, intellect, commitment and influence shine brightly.

The choice I made to finish my degree was one of my best to date. At age 34, I imagined expanding my real-world experience by reflecting on my past growth and developing my future potential. It wasn’t an easy decision. And I was nervous. I mean really nervous. Could I do it? I had no idea what to expect. A lot had changed since my sophomore year of college in 2005. I mean, how would I navigate school and parenting for starters? Thank God for online learning. After a great deal of research, I felt confident SMWC was the right place for me. Working with an advanced online platform and exceptional writing program, I embarked on my degree in professional writing.

So where did my degree take me? I have a full-time job at a well-respected and storied company. As a digital content writer at Helzberg Diamonds, I bring not only my sharpened skills and developed talents, I bring a collaborative spirit and disciplined work ethic — all things I credit to my education.

Mine is a success story. I was determined to go to school, get my degree, and find a job that fulfilled me. I did those things, but not without the support and heart of SMWC.


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