Chalkboard with math equations written on it

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Mathematics Overview

If you like to solve problems, see patterns, and aspire an in-demand career, a math degree is perfect for you.

Mathematics is an exciting and challenging experience at SMWC rooted in the College’s liberal arts tradition. A math major is involved in communication and problem-solving using up-to-date technologies. Since classes are small, it is easy to ask questions and to form study groups to learn math in an open and supportive environment. Professors are highly qualified — often with expertise in related fields of education and the sciences — and ready to assist you with any help you may need.

Mathematics Career Paths

As a math major at SMWC, you will graduate with the ability to find success in a variety of math jobs. SMWC mathematics graduates have found careers as:

  • Financial analysts
  • Insurance specialists
  • Statistical analysts

Companies these graduates have worked for include:

  • Peat Marwick
  • Andersen Consulting
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Digital Audio Disc Corporation

Mathematics teaching is a satisfying career. To be certified for senior high, junior high and middle school requires the math major and classes from the education department. A mathematics minor with an elementary education major is another excellent choice.

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