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How can students make the most of their summer?

Blog | 05.25.2023

After nine long months of study groups, working and submitting assignments at The Woods, summer is finally here! Whether you’re continuing to take online classes, or you chose to take a break until August, there are so many ways to have a productive summer. Look at these ways to make the most of your summer as a college student!

1. Organize while you settle in

While unpacking items from your dorm room, organize your necessities. Using items like bins, bags and crates will help keep things organized and tidy for the summer. Keeping college items together makes for a smooth sailing process when packing up for school in August.

2. Find an internship

Now that you don’t have a jam-packed schedule, there’s time to work! Finding an internship might be just what you need to strengthen your resume. Pursuing one during the summer could be the wisest decision if your major requires an internship.

3. Work & Save

Often, students find summer jobs to make up for not being able to work much during the academic year. Getting a summer job is great, but make sure you also put some of that cash back to save. A summer job can help you gain new skills to put on your resume too!

4. Plan a trip

Planning a fun weekend getaway with family or friends is a great activity for summer. Whether hiking, taking on a big city or going to the beach, a trip is something to look forward to and the perfect way to commemorate summer.

5. Hit the books

Before you put all your reading materials on the shelf for the summer, consider reading a book over the summer. This will help keep your brain engaged and make for an easier transition back into the fall semester in a few months.

6. Volunteer

Volunteering for the summer is a great way to fill your time. Giving back can be so rewarding. From being a camp counselor to helping at local fundraisers, the options go on and on. Volunteering always looks great on a resume too!

7. Condense the clothes

Summer is a perfect opportunity to go through your closet. Finding clothes you can donate or put in a yard sale will help you make room for any new clothing items you bought during the academic year. Don’t forget to purge the shoes and accessories.

8. Relax

It is summer, after all, so even while working, traveling or even continuing on those summer courses, make sure to make time for yourself. After a long academic year, it’s important to sit back, relax and recharge for the summer. Remember, you’ve earned it!


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