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Why should you earn a master’s degree in art therapy?

Blog | 05.25.2023

Do you dream of becoming a certified art therapist? A master’s degree is required, along with proper licensure in most states. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods Colleges (SMWC) provides students with authentic and realistic experiences. SMWC’s art therapy graduate degree program is designed for people who, because of work, family or other commitments, cannot traditionally pursue a graduate degree. Students are required to attend three on-campus residencies per year, with the remainder of classes taken online. Check out the benefits of earning your master’s in art therapy!

  • Professional Development – Pursuing a MAAT degree can assist you in developing advanced skills and knowledge to become an efficient and effective art therapist. While earning your master’s in art therapy, you’ll deepen your understanding of the field while completing training in art, psychology and counseling.
  • Career Advancement – In any field, a master’s degree can open a variety of opportunities for you. From various settings to enhancing clients’ knowledge, there are several career advantages to earning your master’s in art therapy. It can also speed up the process of reaching specific career goals.
  • Increased earning potential – A master’s degree can often increase the chance of earning a higher salary than colleagues with a bachelor’s degree. In the job market, having a master’s degree can help individuals have a competitive advantage.
  • Personal Fulfillment – As an art therapist, you’ll help and impact patients every day, which can be rewarding as you will continue to enrich your client relationships through skills gained while earning your master’s degree. With a MAAT degree, you’ll receive personal and professional fulfillment.

The MAAT program at SMWC is nationally ranked by multiple organizations and can be completed in three years. To learn more about the MAAT program, visit smwc.edu/maat or email admissions@smwc.edu.


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