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How to choose a minor at SMWC

Blog | 05.20.2022

Braden Kelsey ’22

The thought of adding more credit hours to your degree might seem intimidating but choosing the right minor could be the missing piece to pursuing your dream job. Sometimes an after-thought or an unsure response of “sure that sounds good,” your minor can be something that takes a more specialized approach to your major. It can be a hobby of yours or something that you just thought would be fun to look into. While it can be challenging to find the minor that best matches your major, minors require significantly fewer credits than majors, and can often be moved around and played with. However, that doesn’t take away from their importance.

A female student studying outside

Say you want to be an English teacher, but you’d like to gain more knowledge on English itself than in-depth teaching – majoring in English and taking on a minor in pedagogy might be the perfect fit for you. Interested in the environment, but you want to major in business? Try an environmental studies minor where you’ll learn about the connections between the natural world and society. Maybe you’re an equine major but you’re specifically interested in the veterinarian role; try a minor in chemistry. There’s the option of dual minoring in music and mathematics for the unique writers who like mathematics and can shred a mean cello—ensuring that you get everything you could ever want out of your degree. There are several unique combinations of majors or minors, and your advisor will help guide you to the right choices.

Minors can be more of an ally than one might think, especially if you choose to switch professions later in life. But that just shows the versatility a minor can serve—from an amplifier for your major to a quiet hobby you don’t even mention to employers on your resume. When choosing a minor, be creative but logical. Ask yourself, “Where will this take me in my career?”. Regardless of what route you take when choosing a minor, it’s up to you to make it count.


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