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November 30, 2020: Faculty & Staff COVID-19 Update and Reminders

COVID-19 Updates | 11.30.2020

Dear Faculty and Staff,

I hope you enjoyed some time off during the Thanksgiving Break. Thank you again for your efforts during the fall semester – it truly has made all the difference for our students!

The next few weeks are so important to allowing us to finish the semester positively for the campus, online and graduate students and for the continuity of operations at the College. This is such a busy time for many, from those recruiting new students, to accepting year-end gifts, to those paying bills and cleaning and making repairs. Therefore, we all need to remain committed to the health and safety of our workplace community!

Please continue to be aware of your health and symptoms of illness. Employees and students who are reporting to campus for work need to report using the #CampusClear app all seven days of the week so that we can continue to track our progress. Please note the following:

  • If you have been exposed or feel ill, it is important to talk to your supervisor and not report to work. Your supervisor and Cabinet member will work with you to work from home if necessary, during this time. 
  • If you are working remotely, and have been throughout this term, you do not need to report. 
  • If you are not returning to campus before January, you may take a hiatus from #CampusClear until January 1. 
  • The COVID-19 dashboard will be suspended from November 20 and resume January 11 when students return to campus.

COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths across the United States continue to rise. As cold weather moves in and people spend more time indoors, I urge you to be diligent in helping SMWC take steps to slow the spread of COVID-19. Wear a mask when around others outside your familiar group, stay at least 6 feet apart, hold virtual meetings and wash your hands often. The more steps you take, the more you will be protected against COVID-19. 

The SMWC Health Services Clinic is now closed for the holiday break and will remain so through January 8. Please consult your healthcare provider if you need medical attention or call the Union Hospital COVID-19 Hotline at 812-238-4871.

The COVID-19 Taskforce will continue to monitor the local and state-wide levels of the coronavirus, and at this time, our plan is to have students, staff and faculty return to campus for the Spring term as scheduled: 

  • Students are asked to begin self-monitoring and limiting exposure on January 1 to allow for a healthy return on January 10.
  • We will also be administering COVID-19 rapid tests upon arrival to the residence hall. Undergraduate classes for Campus and WoodsOnline and the graduate program in Nursing will start as planned on January 11. 
  • Graduate programs will continue to proceed as scheduled with all virtual residencies. 
  • Employees are asked to self-monitor during break and limit exposure as well. Staff will return to campus on January 4, and faculty can more gradually return that week through January 11.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and stay safe.

Janet R. Clark, Ph.D.
Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs