Student mentors helping SMWC students with homework at the LRC

Tutoring is currently taking place by appointment only, and is offered online and face-to-face.

To schedule a tutoring appointment:

  1. Schedule an appointment online
  2. Select the appropriate course, day and time for your tutoring appointment
  3. Make sure to answer any additional questions including how you want your tutoring appointment to take place (online or campus)

Once you complete the appointment request, you will receive a confirmation email. The email will contain:

  1. Tutoring appointment information (day, time, course and tutor)
  2. A Zoom link for online tutoring
    1. If you did not select online tutoring for your appointment, disregard the link and go to the LRC for your in-person tutoring appointment.

Please remember when you are using the LRC:

  1. Clock in upon arrival using the blue kiosk computer
  2. Always wear a face mask
  3. Come prepared with course materials
  4. Practice social distancing or remain behind the table-top plastic barrier during tutoring appointment
  5. Use sanitation supplies to clean up the workspace after use
  6. Clock out when leaving

If the course you need assistance with does not have an available tutor, we encourage you to do the following:

  1. Contact to inquire about tutoring options
  2. Contact your instructor for additional assistance or possible tutoring

Graduate Students

Currently, the LRC is staffed only with undergraduate student tutors with the exception of our Writing Center Director. Please see the Writing Center tab for more information.