Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College uses a variety of social media platforms to communicate with multiple audiences: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn and Pinterest. WoodsLink makes it possible for you to view our most popular social media platforms all in one place.

Connect with all SMWC accounts

Below is a complete list of social media accounts used by The Woods and its departments.

Primary Accounts

SMWC@smwccollege@smwc @smwcollegeSaint Mary-of-the-Woods College
Woods Online @WoodsOnline  
Athletics@smwcathletics@smwcathletics@smwcathletics PomeroyVision
Admission @smwc_admission  

Department Accounts

Campus Ministry@smwccm 
Music and Theatre Department@SMWCmusic@SMWCDeptMuTh
Music Therapy@smwcMTstudents@SMWCmusicther
Equine Department@SMWCEquineProgram 
Equestrian TeamSMWC Equestrian Team 
Art and Design DepartmentSMWC Departments of Text & Image 
Business and Leadership DepartmentSMWC Department of Business & Leadership  
Education DepartmentSMWC Education Department 
Career Development@SMWC.CDC@SMWCcdc
Student Counseling Center@smwccouseling 
Student Activities CommitteeSMWC Student Activities Committee 

Hashtag List and Strategy

The College also uses specific hashtags in order to make it easier for our constituents to find messages relevant to them. In addition to the institution’s accounts, various departments and groups on campus use social media to share information.

#SMWC The best way to ensure that we see your social media post is to include this general hashtag. We search for it daily on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and often repost or share content.

#IChooseSMWC Specific to prospective students, this campaign encourages students to announce when they have chosen to attend SMWC. This hashtag can also be used at admission events to allow prospective students to share their experiences.

#IAspireHigher This hashtag serves as a way for alums, students, faculty, staff, friends and prospective students to tell us how they Aspire Higher in their daily lives.

#PomeroyPride Reserved primarily for athletics, we encourage fans and athletes to use this hashtag when posting about SMWC athletics.

#FlatSMTG Launched in 2014, the Flat Saint Mother Theodore Guerin initiative is a way for everyone to share how they continue the legacy of Saint Mother Theodore Guerin. Use this hashtag when sharing a picture of Flat SMTG.

#CampAtTheWoods Summer Camp at The Woods generally takes place in June each year. Follow this hashtag to stay updated on summer camp information or to share your child’s experiences throughout summer camp.

#WoodsRing The Woods Ring is the single, most recognizable image of the College. With its distinctive design, only SMWC students and alumni have the privilege of wearing the Woods Ring. Follow this hashtag for Ring Day updates and to see where alums are taking their Woods Ring and what it means to them in their daily life.

#WVLI The Wabash Valley Leadership Institute (WVLI) is a one-week program offered twice per year to professionals in the Wabash Valley looking to explore their leadership skills and gain community knowledge. Follow this hashtag to stay updated on WVLI information or to share your experiences as a part of the WVLI.

The spirit of Saint Mother Theodore Guerin exists within the heart of every alum and student. You first felt her presence when you crossed through the front gates of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College and traveled down the Avenue, and she was with you during your college years. Even after graduating, her spirit remained, comforting you during times of hardship and lifting you higher during times of triumph. You are a part of her legacy, and she is a part of you.

Show the world what Saint Mother Theodore Guerin means to you. As you Aspire Higher in your everyday life or on your grand adventures, we invite you to take Saint Mother Theodore Guerin along … Flat Saint Mother Theodore Guerin, that is.

Flat Saint Mother Theodore Guerin wants to journey with you.

  • Show us where life is taking you
  • Show us how you Aspire Higher
  • Show us how Saint Mother Theodore Guerin lives on