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Student life at SMWC: Brenee Smith

Blog | 03.24.2021
Brenee Smith
SMWC senior Brenee Smith poses with her Ring in front of Le Fer Hall.

What is your hometown?

Indianapolis, Indiana.

What high school did you attend?

I attended Lawrence North High School.

What is your major? 

I am a senior with a psychology major with an education minor.

Why did you choose The Woods?

At first, I thought that since I attended a bigger high school, that I would like to attend a big college. After viewing big campuses, I felt that I would not feel comfortable in a large classroom. I felt that I would see so many faces and wouldn’t know anyone. I have heard many things about deciding where to go to college, whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert. I thought I would do better academically by attending a small campus. I also believed I would be more social at a smaller college than a big one.

The day that I visited SMWC, I just knew this was where I needed to go, it was a gut feeling! I came with one of my friends, so knowing someone else made me feel more comfortable. I also had the chance to talk to my first roommate before move-in day. I also met my best friend, Kayla Kelley, on campus over the summer with my parents before school started. I had connections with people from the very beginning and ever since have loved it here!

What do you do for fun on campus?

I like to hang with my friends and order food and stay up all night watching movies! Alone I like to ride a bike around campus and go to the lake when the weather is nice. I have been a member of Student Activities Committee since my freshman year, and I have been the vice president for two years. Since my freshman year, I have been involved with Black Student Association and have been the president. I have worked on campus in the Career Development Center, the Mailroom (in the basement of Le Fer) and Club ’64. This year, I am the first intern in the new Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. I am proud of that work.

What do you like about living in Le Fer?

Living in Le Fer is very nice! It’s my second home and I feel comfortable here. The available areas for students are very welcoming and quiet to concentrate.

What advice do you have for freshmen? 

Dear freshman, BREATHE! Get involved. Step out of your comfort zone and meet new people. Don’t miss out on opportunities. Create bonds with people, they could last forever. Set goals for yourself. Everything doesn’t have to be planned all the way to your senior year but start thinking about where you want to be in the next five years. Don’t ever be afraid to speak up and ask for help because there are so many people here who care about you.

Reflect on the past four years at The Woods:

Looking back to freshman year, I have come a long way! Independently, academically and socially, I have grown! I began as an education major with mild intervention. I became interested in psychology after taking the Intro to Psychology course with Dr. Caperton. I changed my major to psychology and with a goal of becoming a school counselor. Later, I became interested in working clinically. At the 21st Century event in my junior year, I talked to Wendy Walter and added an education minor. I have enjoyed all of my psychology and education classes. I have learned so much and I cannot wait to apply all of this knowledge in my future career.

I am excited to see where I go after I graduate in May! I am excited to start graduate school and earn my Master’s in Health Care Administration. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and see where life takes you! I am so lucky to be a part of such a wonderful school. I am proud to be a Woodsie!


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Rosemary Schmid '63 | 05.17.2021 at 2:45pm
Brenee, EVERY idea you present in your "Advice to Freshmen" is absolutely true. You'll see! I hope you come back in ten years (?) and comment on your own blog. You so represent all that SMWC has meant to me over the years since I graduated in 1963. Even though I was a legacy, I wasn't going to go to The Woods. That campus visit did it. Mother Theodore was a woman WAY ahead of her time, and you and I both benefit from the wisdom of all who keep The Woods in our hearts.
Brenda Stewart-Phillips | 05.11.2021 at 8:25am
I love her story. This young lady has blossomed into a great student. She took hold of what God put in front of her and never looked back. I am inspired by all that she has accomplished but I am not surprised. Congratulations!
Gloria Stewart | 05.08.2021 at 7:31am
Awesome reflection Brenee’! I couldn’t be more proud of you for taking the initiative and choosing your E and enrolling. You are an example to your brothers and your younger cousins! May God continue to bless you and lead your path in life. Auntie Gloria
Helene lock | 04.17.2021 at 9:08am
I so enjoyed your article. I have some memories of having the same feelings that you experienced. I know you will look back with joy in the years to come. Best of luck to you in the years to come
Anthony Smith | 04.08.2021 at 12:43pm
Brene'e you are so well spoken. That was a joy read your student life at Smwc. You have definitely came a long way and i am so proud of you. I love you very much. You know me it's your "DADDY" LOL