Pomeroy Scholar standing next to tree holding laptop

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College acknowledges your hard work and dedication as an Indiana 21st Century Scholar. Once you have committed to your future at SMWC, you become a Pomeroy Scholar!

The Pomeroy Scholars program is composed of an elite group of students — 21st Century Scholars — who share the same academic goals and individualized benefits. Together, you grow academically and socially at SMWC through a variety of clubs, organizations and service opportunities.

We are dedicated to the success of Indiana scholars through initiatives that promote retention, on-time graduation, community involvement, career preparation and financial literacy. As a Pomeroy Scholar, you have access to an on-site Pomeroy Scholars Office to help you:

  • Stay on track: As a requirement of the state of Indiana, you must successfully complete 30 credit hours per year to remain eligible for the Indiana 21st Century award. Our coordinator, in conjunction with your academic advisor, will create a plan to help you be successful.
  • Develop into a leader: To promote leadership and social responsibility, our Pomeroy Scholars engage in student and community activities. You support your fellow classmates and community by attending or volunteering for academic, athletic or cultural events. Only 2 hours per semester is required to fulfill this requirement.