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Blog | 11.03.2023

This story appeared in the Fall 2023 issue of Onyx Anneau.

By Molly Coomer, sophomore nursing major

The Woods…a place I never imagined I would be, but somehow, I found my way here. Growing up, I always imagined going to a big college. However, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (SMWC) caught my eye as I looked more closely and found all my requirements were met — Catholic College, where I could grow in my faith and a place where I could play the sport I loved – volleyball. The most important was a nursing program where I felt I could flourish. I decided to apply for the Saint Mother Theodore Guerin (SMTG) Scholarship, after falling in love with the school. Fortunately, I received a call in the spring of my senior year that notified me I had received a gracious SMTG scholarship. That sealed the deal for me to join The Woods.

Molly Coomer is a sophomore, nursing major from Fredericksburg, Indiana.

Last year as a freshman, I was scared and overwhelmed by my new step in life. However, the bonds that I formed helped me overcome this. I have built relationships with not only my peers but with the faculty. I have never met a more personable and kind college staff. Each and every person truly cares for you.

Being involved at The Woods has really helped me understand the history and roots of the College. Presidential Corps is an organization for which I was nominated by a staff member, and I am so glad I decided to apply. I have been able to form relationships with faculty and board members and understand their ties to the College. Being an SMTG Scholar has also done this for me. Being involved within the student body has really helped me grow in my leadership and networking skills.

Anyone debating on coming to The Woods should really visit campus. One cannot feel the true presence of peace that The Woods instills until they step onto campus. The Avenue will take your breath away as soon as you arrive through the main gate. I highly recommend to those who come to The Woods to get involved. By understanding its rich culture, you may fully appreciate the College and what it offers. The impact it has had on me is immeasurable.

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Traci Kerns | 11.05.2023 at 5:02pm
Molly is a truly wonderful young lady who is devoted to her faith, family, and community. Molly is such a sweet, fun loving young lady who makes everyone around her a better person. I will always cherish having Molly in my high school classroom and clubs. I wish Molly and SMWC the best now and always.