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What can you do with an Addictions Counseling Degree?

Blog | 10.14.2022

Known as one of the most rewarding careers, addictions counseling is one of the fastest-growing professions in the United States. In fact, the projected growth by the Bureau of Labor Statistics is 22% over the next ten years.

Substance abuse, including drug and alcohol abuse, is on the rise. Therefore, the need for counselors has risen as well. Many are pursuing this rewarding career for many reasons, such as a friend or relative that struggles with addiction or an interest in mental health and psychology. Check out some frequently asked questions (FAQs) we’ve answered for earning a degree in addictions counseling!

What is addictions counseling?

The process where an addicted person seeks help from a professional drug and alcohol counselor to overcome this disease.

Why get a degree in addictions counseling?

Earning a bachelor’s degree in addictions counseling qualifies you to take the LAC exam to become a Licensed Addictions Counselor.

What jobs can you get with an addictions counseling degree?

A bachelor’s degree in addictions counseling allows you to go down many career paths based on your interests! You may choose to go on to pursue a post-graduate certificate in addictions counseling. There are many options to help you achieve your goals in this career field. Here are some jobs you can get with an addictions counseling degree:

  • Case manager
  • Recovery coach
  • Alcohol and drug counselor

What is the average annual salary of someone with an addictions counseling degree?

As you look at starting salaries, remember that the cost of living and opportunities to move with a career or industry sector should also factor into your decision. For instance, Indiana is known for job growth due to the low cost of living. Your dollar simply goes further here.

Indiana: $46,240

National: $47,660

What if my bachelor’s degree is not in counseling?

You can enroll in a certificate program that will help you to earn your certification and take your LAC exam in as little as 12 months.

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College offers a Bachelor of Science in Addictions Counseling and a Post-Bachelor’s Certificate in Addictions Counseling.


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