Do you have a world inside your mind, ready to come to life in the pages a book? Do you want to write poetry, nonfiction or marketing materials? Maybe you’d like to explore the relationship between literature and culture. An English degree from SMWC will help define the shape of your future.  At SMWC, you can earn an English degree with a concentration in:

You will find your niche in a stimulating, creative atmosphere, working with leading scholars, notable experts and inspiring peers who appreciate the art and science of the English language. 


Here you will never be a nameless face in an overwhelming lecture hall, trudging through 400 years of American literature with 400 other students. In our small, intimate classes, you will make connections, discuss ideas, research issues and analyze outcomes through coursework such as:

Choose a format that works for you




Practical Experience as a Student

Do you write poetry or short stories that captivate audiences? You can publish your work in SMWC’s literary magazine, Aurora. Do you enjoy editing news articles? You can join the College’s student newspaper, The Woods. Through our Career Development Center, you can dig deeper into your field, network with experts and test drive different positions. Many of our students get hands-on professional experience in English degree jobs:

You’ll also have the exciting opportunity to work in a groundbreaking virtual internship program. You’ll use cutting-edge technology to create a collaborative environment that embraces diverse ideas, uses innovative approaches and makes a positive impact in the community.

As an English major at The Woods, you’ll have many opportunities for intellectual exploration, in-depth interactions with your professors and practical experience outside the classroom.