Study Pre-professional Studies

The pre-professional major is specially designed for those who plan to go to professional schools:

Since this program is for the student who is planning further academic and clinical work, it is designed to meet the expectations of professional programs and is therefore more focused than a general biology major. This program is only recommended for those who will be pursuing additional professional training. Since many of the professional schools are very selective in their admission procedures, the department at SMWC has a policy of selective admission to this program. Only those juniors we feel have an excellent chance of success in the professional school of their choice are admitted to this major. Students take courses in the biology major until their junior year.

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How We Prepare You

This heavy concentration on science courses is a good preview of academic work at professional schools and has proven to be an excellent preparation for students who have gone on to professional training.

Career Possibilities

Recent graduates of this program have been accepted to: