How It Works

The graduate program in Music Therapy is designed especially for persons who, because of work, family or other commitments, cannot pursue a graduate degree in the traditional way. At the beginning of each semester, students come to campus for a four-day residency. During each residency, students are engaged in collaborative learning and community building with faculty and fellow students.

Preparative and follow-up work which surround these residencies allow coursework to be completed at home through online classes with assistance from faculty.

Students must be comfortable with using computer, internet, and Microsoft Word. Students must have high speed broadband internet connection, current Microsoft Office Software, and Skype account. Students need to be able to upload and download documents and videos, using specific file formats, and will be required to use the SMWC Course Management system.

Students also come to campus for two summer intensive residencies during the program. Each summer residency is five to six days in length.

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College has provided distance learning programs for over 35 years.

The MAMT program offers students the opportunity to:

Jenny Plume, a Master of Arts in Music Therapy graduate, using her expertise to help the children of VanderbiltĀ Children'sĀ hospital tell their story. Truly inspirational.