Tuition / Financial Aid

The Master of Music Therapy program is a 43-credit hour program.

Tuition (per credit hour)    

MHA (Master of Healthcare Administration)

MLD (Master of Leadership Development)


MAAT   $703
ATR Supervision    $400 (AR535)
$800 (AR570)
$800 (AR572)
MAMT   $682
Application Fee (waived)   NA
Technology Fee   NA
Technology Fee (MHA & MLD)   $200/semester
Extension Fee (charged for class extensions)   $35
Graduation Fee   $100
Residency Fee   varies
Tuition per credit hour   $200

Financial Aid

Students who are enrolled in the MAMT program may apply for federal financial aid up to $20,500 per year (full-time). Full-time status for graduate programs is 9 credit hours per semester. The Office of Financial Aid can assist students with dividing their financial aid awards over the course of the program.