Gaining Professional Experience

There are many ways you can prepare yourself for the professional world while still a student. In this competitive job market, employers are looking for graduates with experience and skill, and who carry themselves with confidence and professionalism. For this reason, gaining professional experience as a student is of great value to your future. Here are two ways you can gain experience:

  1. Internships
    An internship is an effective way to connect your academic experience with your career goals. Whether it's paid or unpaid, for credit or experience, the range of skills that you will learn from an internship provides you with valuable experience and a competitive edge in your career search. We offer internship descriptions as well as advice for pursuing internship opportunities.
  2. Supplemental Learning Experiences (SLEs)
    An SLE is an adaptable course designed to meet the individual student’s career exploration needs. This course is helpful for students who have not declared a major or a particular discipline within a major. Short-term job shadowing experiences are arranged at various organizations for the student. Many students feel that these are indispensable experiences in their career research and professional development.


For additional information, contact the Career Development Center at 812-535-5188 or career(at)