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12 careers you can have with a marketing degree

Blog | 07.14.2020

One question that many students are asked throughout their college career is, “What are you wanting to do after graduation?” This can be nerve-racking for students, especially if they don’t know what they want to do. At Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, our faculty and staff are driven to help students find the right career path for them. From using the Career Center, to talking one-on-one with the professors, a student always has help at The Woods. Check out 12 careers you can pursue with a degree in marketing!

1. Production manager

Having leadership traits is crucial for this position. From different organizational tasks, coordination of budgeting and reporting to upper management annually, production management requires strong leadership skills and knowledge of guidelines and regulations for the specific company you’re working for.

Job tasks can include:

  • Prepare costs
  • Send cost estimations
  • Make decisions of necessary materials for projects
  • Approve work requests
  • File reports for management teams
  • Enforce safety regulations

2. Media planner

With duties that range from planning press releases, blogs and campaigns, to communicating and planning events that will promote your brand. Media planning includes a variety of tasks. Your day-to-day work routine is sure to be different and include several of your interests.

Job tasks can include:

  • Present proposals
  • Schedule meetings with clients
  • Manage client relationships
  • Approve advertisements, social media posts, press releases, etc.
  • Head different brainstorming sessions

3. Promotions coordinator

They do various projects that range from planning the release of a campaign, to supervising the overall environment at an event. Promotions coordinators have a lot of responsibilities that require clear communication skills and strong skills of delegation. Understanding that you’re in charge, but that you have a team to back you up is crucial.

Job tasks can include:

  • Conducting surveys
  • Lead brainstorming/keeping high energy in meetings
  • Overseeing other team members on events
  • Represent team or company at partnering or community events

4. Copy writer

You’re the one everyone comes to when they want pieces proofread for the final time. Catching misspellings, finding typos and being the grammar police is what you’re known for. Writing in a fluent tone must be a trait you possess. Copy writing isn’t for everyone, but it’s important to note how important this job is. This position is filled with the responsibility of making calls of whether the message is correct for a certain brand and understanding who the audience consists of.

Job tasks can include:

  • Proofreading pieces for publishing
  • Editing copy
  • Proofreading website content
  • Grammar editing
  • Giving the ‘OK’ for pieces to be published

5. Strategic communications manager

Strong writing skills. Having the ability to adapt to different writing styles for the tone each brand wants. If you have the drive to brainstorm different creative plans with strategic ideas, this is the perfect career for you. With a fast work pace, you are sure to have a productive day at work. There will be times of working under pressure, but having a creative team to help you in times of writer’s block will help you push through big projects.

Job tasks can include:

  • Writing press releases
  • Present strategic plans for partners and campaigns
  • Plan strategic planning meetings
  • Assign different tasks for communications team
  • Work with other departments to create strategic ideas for campaigns, plans, or promotions

6. Brand executive

Having an extreme interest in different branding styles is your specialty. Having a high trust level is crucial, especially in your partnerships and relationships with other customers. By creating the vision and imagery behind different brands, you’ll be able to show the values of not only your company, but of yourself.

Job tasks can include:

  • Updating company and partners of different market trends
  • Lead training of different products and technology
  • Update different brands with software advances
  • Maintain brand imagery for companies and present updates
  • Keep updated reports for system activity

7. Social media manager

Craft. Draft. Set and Send. Those are all of the shots you’ll be calling while being a social media manager. From keeping tabs on what posts are popular, you will also have fun at work by seeing what’s trending on social media. Your brand manager and team will need your knowledge of what’s popular on social media and what works for current brands and companies?

Job tasks can include:

  • Keeping data on views, likes and number of shares on posts
  • Setting launch times for social media platforms
  • Presenting social media reports
  • Creating new social media plans based on trending strategies
  • Conducting and collecting research on social media content, trends and successful plans

8. Events coordinator

If you’re a people person, this is the career for you. Having great organizational skills is key to this career. You’ll have the opportunity to show both your professional skills as well as your creative talents when it comes to choosing the perfect venue. Your communication skills must be strong. Having an adaptive strategy when coming into contact with different companies is important.

Job tasks can include:

  • Schedule event dates and openings
  • Represent company at events, parties and gatherings
  • Selecting venues, decorations and food services for events
  • Provide invoices
  • Organize meetings regarding event details

9. Public relations coordinator

Public relations can always seem intimidating, but there’s a creative side to it as well. From creating blogs, press releases and overviews of press conferences, you will be able to show your fluent writing abilities not only to your company, but also to the public. By engaging with clients first-hand and building quality, but professional relationships, you will display your traits of trust and honesty.

Job tasks can include:

  • Manage the public image of the company brand and/or client’s brands
  • Draft press releases
  • Organize interview requests and press conferences
  • Keep clients up to date on new promotions
  • Represent company and clients at networking and media events

10. Advertising organizer

Overseeing different marketing plans and giving the approval of ads will display your time management and communication skills. Possessing creative traits of offering support in different meetings will reassure your team that you are fully engaged in the future plans for the company.

Job tasks can include:

  • Take part in developing budgets
  • Ensuring accurate information and proofreading
  • Prepare written presentation scripts, press releases and reports
  • Conduct launch times of marketing advertisements
  • Organize task forces for different campaigns

11. Marketing analyst

Do you enjoy fact-checking? How about gathering data on successful marketing strategies? Then you might want to look into choosing the career path of being a marketing analyst. From a wide range of technology software you’ll be using, this is a great career for those who love learning new forms of technology and how the public is using them in their everyday life.

Job tasks can include:

  • Research successful marketing plans and strategies
  • Gather information of competitors
  • Attend marketing conferences
  • Prepare technology reports
  • Create data surveys

12. Account executive

Being an account executive lends you to problem solving, negotiations and being the gateway between client and company. With clear communication skills, your love for campaigns will continue to grow in the world of marketing.

Job tasks can include:

  • Keeping clients up to date on campaign launching processes
  • Organizing meetings with clients and agency/company staff
  • Present reports to clients and company
  • Present campaign ideas
  • Negotiate with clients on budgets, ideas and strategies


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