Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Marketing Overview

Do you consider yourself a creative person who loves business? As the business economy rapidly evolves, so does the demand for marketing experts. Marketing, one of the fastest-growing professions in the world of business, requires individuals who can clearly communicate, plan and innovate. Our degree programs provide the flexibility to lead you to the career of your dreams. With your professional advisors helping you along the way, you can mix and match majors and minors to get the perfect degree tailored to you and your career aspirations. Plus, you’ll graduate with a strong foundation in liberal arts. Interested in earning your marketing bachelor’s and a master’s degree in 4 years? Learn more about our 3+1 Leadership Development Program.

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College could be the perfect fit for you to become the marketer you want to be. Our program is designed to prepare you for a wide range of marketing careers, from advertising to social media management. With a major curriculum of 48 credit hours, you’ll gain skills in principles of marketing, finance and international business. As a student, you’ll learn from experienced faculty who are committed to staying on top of industry trends and practices. In fact, our faculty have a wealth of experience in marketing, having worked in diverse settings.


What is marketing?
Marketing is often known as the business of promoting a brand, services or products of a company. Marketing is the process of identifying customers and creating channels of communication with consumers for a product, like websites, advertising, social media, etc. The field requires individuals who can think creatively and critically.

Why get a degree in marketing?
A marketing degree from SMWC prepares you for a variety of marketing jobs ranging from entry-level positions to jobs at not-for-profit organizations. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall employment growth for marketing jobs is projected to increase six percent from 2022 to 2032.

What can you do with a degree in marketing?
With a marketing degree from SMWC, you will enter the workforce with a strong understanding of the field. Individuals with a marketing degree will be prepared to excel in positions such as:

  • Sales and customer service
  • Product management
  • Marketing research
  • Advertising
  • Logistics
  • Digital marketing
  • Marketing for non-profit organizations
  • International marketing

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What is the average annual salary for someone with a marketing degree?
As you look at starting salaries, remember that the cost of living and opportunities to move with a career or industry sector should also factor into your decision. The average base salary for marketing managers is $117,613 according to, salary amounts can vary based on position.

What support and resources are provided at SMWC?
The Learning Resource Center (LRC) provides exceptional, personalized learning resource services to encourage student success. The LRC offers help with a range of academic support services, including a writing center, tutoring, college success courses and more.

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College is routinely ranked by US News and World Report among the Best Regional Universities in the Midwest and the Best Value Schools. Our departments are also routinely ranked for their individual degree programs.
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