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A Woods family legacy

Blog | 03.27.2022
Shannon Sonderman ’18 pictured with family after receiving her ring in 2017.

Written by Shannon Sonderman ’18

Having a Woods Ring is special to my family and me! Growing up, I always heard a lot about Saint Mary-of-the-Woods. My grandmother and grandfather, Jim and Marilynn Sonderman, were both on the board of trustees. My aunt, Amy Woods, attended The Woods and graduated in 1990. My cousin, Julie Woods ’20G, graduated from the MLD program. I graduated in 2018. I also had two great aunts who attended The Woods, Louise Sonderman ‘24 and Mildred Sonderman ’32, whose rings have been passed down.

My family always said that my great aunt Louise was one of the students who helped design The Woods ring back in 1922. The first year the ring did not have the iconic ‘SMW’ on the Onyx but by 1924, it was there. I am the seventh member of my family to attend The Woods. I am happy to say that I am one of the eight wonderful, strong, intelligent women in my family who have attended The Woods. The bond of The Woods will hold strong for generations. 

About the Author

Shannon Sonderman ’18

With a passion for teaching, Shannon Sonderman graduated from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (SMWC) in 2018. She is now a third-grade teacher at a Catholic school in St. Louis. She enjoys taking adventures with her dog, Cece, and spending time with family and friends. Shannon also serves on the SMWC Alumni Association Board.


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