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Office of Marketing and Communications welcomes summer intern

Blog | 05.20.2021

Hello, my name is Emily Truax and I am currently an intern for the Office of Marketing Communications at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (SMWC). I am going into my senior year and am looking forward to spending my final year on this beautiful campus. Although unsure of where I will end up after college, I am interested in a career involving graphic design and marketing.

Emily Truax
Emily Truax

Being a part of the Office of Marketing and Communications is an honor and I am appreciative to get real experience while building connections so close to me. I look forward to getting to work with the Marketing and Communications team as well as other members from the college and community. I want to keep in mind that it is necessary to do things outside of my comfort zone to grow. I’ve learned to not to give up when things are not looking good because that is how you become stronger.

I love doing an array of things. I enjoy learning and challenging myself therefore I have acquired few hobbies. One of my favorite things to do is run. I have been a part of the SMWC cross country and track team for the past three years. Even though I am a part of SMWC athletics, I do not run because I have to — I enjoy the freedom and the journey of running. I love it so much so that I have run every day for two years and counting. I plan to run after college and participate in marathons and ultras. Other things I enjoy are crocheting, painting and camping.

I believe getting involved on campus can make your college experience more memorable. Alongside athletics, I am also a second-year resident assistant (RA). In my role as an RA, I try to inspire my residents to express themselves while being comfortable and confident in who they are. I value individuality and putting your unique talents forward. I am also a part of Aurora, SMWC’s literary arts magazine, as the layout editor and book designer.

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College is a perfect representation of unique and special. Everywhere I am on campus, I am surrounded by people like me that are willing to “go the extra mile.” My love and connection to this campus will not be forgotten. As I run around campus, I get reminded why I am here and why I continue to work hard.

Here at The Woods I am growing my roots, and being a part of this internship is a chance to strengthen those roots so I can become a strong oak tree.  As Saint Mother Theodore Guerin once said, “Profit by the experience of the past for the future.” At The Woods I want to absorb as much knowledge as I can, and I know I am given enough resources and opportunities here to fulfill that desire.


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