South side of Le Fer Hall

Strategic Priority 1

Elevate the distinctive, high quality education that has been a hallmark of education at SMWC

  • Create a culture of innovation and accountability within academic offerings, with special focus on growing health science and business programs that remain focused on our liberal arts mission
    • Grow new program offerings to enhance recruitment opportunities and choice for students.
    • Establish an assessment competency training program
  • Commit to student success in mind, body, and spirit
    • Build a culture focused on student success
    • Increase on-time graduation rates of all students
    • Promote health and wellness for SMWC Community for all employees and students
  • Commit to experiential learning opportunities for students, including service learning, curricular, and co-curricular opportunities
    • Increase faculty commitment to and awareness of experiential learning opportunities.
    • Increase student participation in experiential learning opportunities
  • Commit to diversification of enrollment through programs and offerings in co-education, sports, adult students, and matriculating foreign students
    • Continue to implement and grow coeducational opportunities
    • Increase international and study abroad student opportunities to increase enrollment and enhance the student experience
    • Create opportunities for diversification of student body through increased minority representation
    • Provide new and additional course formats to increase enrollment
  • Develop leaders that transform themselves and their communities
    • Embed leadership into all areas of learning for all students with a special emphasis on General Studies and major programs

Strategic Priority 2

Provide a college environment that is relevant to overall student success and enhances students’ quality of life through improvements to facilities and IT

  • Develop a security-minded environment, providing security for physical, virtual, and data systems
    • Create a culture where campus-wide safety and risk prevention are a priority
  • Adopt effective assessment and review measures for IT Systems, procedures and staffing resources, and implement necessary changes/improvements accordingly
    • Create a culture of continued technological evolution, consistently seeking to improve existing systems and offerings
  • Support effective campus operations, including teaching and learning through current technology
    • SMWC IT will become highly agile and responsive to the constantly changing face of technology in Higher Education by exploiting our key attributes and those of other industry-leading institutions
  • Address critical deferred maintenance issues in an effort to improve and enhance quality of life, enrollment and retention, increase auxiliary revenue and maintain a commitment to the historic architecture of the building
    • Renovate Le Fer Hall to increase enrollment and retention of on campus students
    • Renovate the Mary and Andy Rooney Library to provide enhanced academic and student services
    • Renovate Anne Therese Guerin Hall to expand enrollment growth opportunities
    • Renovate the Conservatory of Music to expand academic programming and grow the arts culture at the College
    • Renovate Mary Fendrich Hulman Hall to provide academic program growth
    • Update the stables and enhance student enrollment and community growth opportunities
    • Create a more welcoming presence on campus for prospective students
  • Improve campus beautification and aesthetics
    • Create a plan to clean up, refurbish, secure and develop the outdoor campus
    • Improve sustainability in all practices

Strategic Priority 3

Enhance perception of the College through renewed focus on outreach and partnerships, emphasizing the value of relationships that has always been a critical part of education at SMWC

  • Grow the community partner footprint to raise awareness and identity of SMWC
    • Strengthen the Catholic identity
    • Include faith, service, and spirituality in the institutional brand strategy
    • Broaden focus of Catholic identity to internal audiences
    • Align institutional priorities with alumni, corporate, organizational and other partners to enhance educational opportunities through increased revenue at SMWC
    • Expand partnerships related to academics, internship, student teaching and study abroad opportunities
    • Increase auxiliary revenue
    • Build a stronger awareness with internal audiences regarding public engagement initiatives
  • Elevate the level of marketing and commitment to increasing awareness of SMWC
    • Identify and implement clear and enduring brand strategy with an institutional commitment to maintain consistency for a 5 year period
    • Identify key initiatives and academic programs to promote for increased enrollment growth
    • Enhance digital communication
    • Raise regional and national visibility of the institution
  • Best communicate the value of the SMWC educational experience
    • Elevate a liberal arts education as relevant to all majors and careers to educate the whole person
    • Enhance internal communication efforts and create a climate of engagement