What can you do with a pre-professional studies degree?

Blog | 08.03.2021

Going straight into the world of professional studies degrees can often be intimidating to students. Whether you have the desire to be a physical therapist or go to law school, there’s a wide variety of paths that come with a designated pre-professional studies degree.

At Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (SMWC), pre-professional studies has become a popular program. To start out, many underclassmen begin as a science major: biology, chemistry, environmental science, etc. Once 15 credit hours in the science field have been earned, juniors who feel they will be successful in the professional school of their preference can complete the applications process for the pre-professional program.

The pre-professional studies program is one of the most respected of SMWC. Holding students to high academic requirements and expectations is one of the most recognized details of the program. This program takes determination and dedication.

Melisa Spognardi

During her time at SMWC, Melisa Spognardi has learned a lot from professors in the science department. Because of her invested interest in the science field, Melisa has conducted her own undergraduate research in Drosophilia Cardiogenesis. With her experience in courses like biology, chemistry, anatomy, genetics and calculus, she felt confident when applying to the program through the admission process.

“I became interested in the pre-med program in hopes of pursuing my dream of becoming a physician. The pre-med faculty at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College have provided me with a strong scientific foundation that I want to develop further in a Doctor of Medicine Program,” Spognardi said. “I strongly believe that the pre-med program will further develop my skills and expertise needed to be able to practice in the medical field. I look forward to graduating from the pre-professional program and attaining my future goal of applying to medical school.”

At Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, we are determined to ensure that students are aware of their options upon graduation. Programs like pre-professional studies ensure students a firm background in studies they can take on to doctorate programs.

“Being a part of this program enables me to be a strong and unique applicant for medical school and will forever fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a physician,” Spognardi said.


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