Angled front view of Guerin Hall
Spring 2021
January 11Classes begin, MSN courses begin
January 14 – 18MAAT Residency
January 15 – 17MAMT Residency
January 15 – 17MTED Residency
January 18Martin Luther King Jr. Day (no classes)
January 22Campus Last Add/Clean Drop Day
January 23SMTG Scholarship
February 6 – 7MLD/MHA Residency
February 13MLD/MHA Thesis (final)
February 15Presidents’ Day (no classes)
March 5MSN 8-week courses end
March 6WOL 8-week courses end
March 15WOL and MSN 8-week courses begin
March 19Last withdrawal day
March 20Ring Day
March 23Fall Registration opens
March 29 – April 5Spring/Easter Break (no classes)
April 10 – 11MLD/MHA Residency
April 22Student Poster Show
April 23International Ring Day
April 24Earth Day
May 3Study Day/Last Monday (no classes)
May 4 – 7Final Exams
May 7WOL 8 & 16–week courses end
May 7Nursing Pinning Ceremony
May 8Commencement
May 21 – 23Reunion Weekend
Summer 2021
May 21 – July 16MAAT/MAMT Summer Term
May 24 – 28MTED Residency
May 24Undergrad Summer Classes Begin
May 31Memorial Day
June 3 – 7MAAT Virtual Residency
June 4 – 6MAMT Virtual Residency
June 12 – 13MLD/MHA Residency
June 25Last withdrawal for Summer Classes
July 16Undergrad Summer Term Ends
Fall 2021
July 20 – December 3MAAT/MAMT Fall Term
July 28 – August 2MAAT/MAMT Residency
August 9Launch 2021
August 13 – 14Grad. Cert. in Women’s Leadership
August 13 – 15MTED Residency
August 14 – 15MLD/MHA Residency
August 13 – 16New Student Orientation
August 16WOL 8 & 16-week courses begin
August 16Grad Nursing courses begin
August 17On-Campus classes begin
August 21MLD/MHA Thesis
August 27Last Add/Clean Drop Day
September 6Labor Day (no classes)
October 1 -3Homecoming
October 8Aug. 8-week courses end
October 8Grad Nursing 8-week courses end
October 9 – 10MLD/MHA Residency
October 11 -15Fall Break (no classes)
October 188-week courses begin
October 18Grad Nursing 8-week courses begin
October 19Foundation Day of Service
October 22Last withdrawal Day
November 24-26Thanksgiving (no classes)
December 4 – 5MLD/MHA Residency
December 6Study Day (no classes)
December 7-10Final Exams
December 108 & 16-week courses end
December 10Grad Nursing 8-week courses end
Spring 2022
January 10Undergrad courses begin
January 10Grad Nursing courses begin
January 13 -17MAAT Residency
January 14 – 16MAMT Residency
January 14 – 16MTED Residency
January 14 – May 6MAAT/MAMT Spring Term
January 17M. L. King Day (no classes)
January 21Last Add/Clean Drop Day
February 5 – 6MLD/MHA Residency
February 12MLD/MHA Thesis (final)
February 21Presidents’ Day (no classes)
March 4Grad Nursing 8-week courses end
March 48-week courses end
March 7 – 11Spring Break (no classes)
March 148-week courses begin
March 14Grad Nursing 8-week courses begin
March 18Last withdrawal day
March 26Ring Day
April 9 – 10MLD/MHA Residency
April 14 -18Easter Break (no classes)
April 22International Ring Day
April 23 – 24Family Weekend
April 24Earth Day
May 2Study Day/Last Monday (no classes)
May 3 – 6Final Exams
May 68 & 16–week courses end
May 6Grad Nursing 8-week courses end
May 6Nursing Pinning Ceremony
May 7Commencement
May 20 – 22Reunion Weekend
Summer 2022
May 23Undergrad Summer Classes Begins
May 23Grad Nursing 8-week courses Begins
May 23 – 27MTED Residency
May 30Memorial Day
June 2 – 7MAMT Residency
June 2 – 7MAAT Residency
June 11 – 12MLD/MHA Residency
June 24Last withdrawal for Summer Classes
July 15Undergrad Summer Term ends
July 15Grad Nursing 8-week courses end
July 28 – August 2MAAT/MAMT Residency
August 12 – 14Grad. Cert. in Women’s Leadership
August 13 – 14MLD and MHA
August 12 – 14MTED Residency
August 15Launch 2022
August 20MLD Thesis (final/on-campus)