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A campus student who does not enroll for two consecutive semesters must reapply before enrolling in courses. A student who is away for an extended period may be required to fulfill different general studies and major requirements or to retake successfully completed classes in which the material covered previously is deemed to be outdated. Former distance education students who wish to be re-admitted must submit a new application and personal essay, as well as official transcripts from any college/university attended since the date of withdrawal from the College. Graduates of the College may not earn a second degree at the same level as the first. Application fees are waived for students/graduates applying for re-admission.

Academic Forgiveness

Students who reapply to SMWC at least five years after their last enrollment may request that the calculation of the cumulative GPA and hours earned be adjusted to reflect only those courses for which they earned a grade of “C” or better. The student must demonstrate a new maturity, such as the successful completion of courses at another institution, employment history or family responsibilities. Although the cumulative GPA and hours earned may be adjusted, the forgiven courses and grades will still remain on the student’s transcript.