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Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College understands the importance of protecting the privacy of personal information, especially in today’s increasingly electronic environment. SMWC seeks to enhance opportunities and services for our alumni and constituents, consistent with strong privacy protections for their data. SMWC maintains a commitment to the following practices and related procedures to protect alumni and constituent data and provide them with appropriate control over the use, accuracy, and availability of their data:

  1. SMWC does not share, sell or trade alumni and constituent data include mailing lists and email addresses with outside corporations, organizations, groups or individuals, except for those having business or contractual relationships with the College. Any third parties who receive data are prohibited from using or sharing the data for any purpose other than offering or providing approved services to alumni and constituents. Third parties must sign a nondisclosure agreement in advance of receiving data.
  2. Alumni and constituent data will be shared only with SMWC staff and student workers with a need to know; and with authorized users in the case of directory information in the SMWC Online Portal; and with approved partners of SMWC for the purpose of advancing programs designed to serve SMWC alumni and constituents.
  3. Alumni clubs, affinity groups, student groups, regional representatives, class representatives and volunteers are important partners of the College and play a vital role keeping alumni and constituents connected to SMWC. As a result, SMWC may provide such groups, based on the proposed use of the data and consistent with privacy preferences expressed by alumni and constituents, provided that these organizations agree in writing to specific privacy and security requirements. Data shared with individuals or groups may not be used for other purposes outside the original intent.
  4. SMWC will not share personal information and data with alumni, alumni groups or other related groups for their independent use in unauthorized SMWC activities. This includes alumni, alumni groups and other groups and organizations with current and historic connections to SMWC seeking to solicit, market or communicate with other alumni or constituents for the purposes of conducting non-College activities which may include, but are not limited to the following: organizing events, selling products, organizing trips, conducting surveys or fundraising for campaigns or special projects.
  5. SMWC will abide by all state and federal laws pertaining to data storage and sharing.