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SMWC issues email addresses to all faculty, staff, and students (campus, Woods Online, and graduate). These email accounts are to be used by students for all email correspondence with College personnel, including the sending of assignments as attachments.
Likewise, the College uses SMWC email as a mechanism for official communication with students. Thus, the College has a right to expect that such communications will be received and read by students in a timely manner. Students are expected to check their SMWC email on a frequent and consistent basis in order to stay current with College-related communications.
Once students have registered and started taking courses, all College-related email correspondence will be sent only to the student’s assigned SMWC email addresses.
Students may redirect their SMWC email to another private email address (e.g., @aol.com, @hotmail.com), but they do so at their own risk. Having email redirected does not absolve students from the responsibilities associated with official communication sent to their @smwc.edu account.
The benefits to College personnel and students of staying completely within the SMWC email system include:

  • Email is easily identifiable as College-related.
  • Attachments are less likely to be lost due to filters or identified as spam.
  • The sender can track the status of messages sent (e.g., Has my instructor opened the email I sent?).
  • The SMWC email address book for faculty, staff, and students is accessible.

Questions or problems with email should be directed to: servicedesk@smwc.edu or by calling 812-535-1177.