Harassment Free Environment 

It is the policy of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College to provide an educational, employment and residential environment free from unwelcome sexual intimidation or communications constituting sexual harassment or racial harassment as defined and otherwise prohibited by state and federal statutes. This policy applies to students, faculty and staff of the College, as well as to individuals employed by contractors who provide routine daily services to the college.

It is the intent of this policy to fairly and impartially review any and all sexual and racial harassment charges and to handle such matters in a professional manner. In addition, any violators of this policy may be subjected to applicable federal and state laws regarding racial or sexual harassment. The College strictly prohibits any action or behavior in retaliation to an individual who files a harassment complaint. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College administrators are responsible for publicizing and implementing the College’s sexual and racial harassment policy in their respective areas of jurisdiction.

Complaint Procedure

The Review Officer may conduct a hearing with all parties present at the same time. If such a hearing is scheduled, the complainant and respondent will receive written notice at least seven (7) working days before the scheduled hearing. The complainant and respondent may each be accompanied by an advisor and be allowed to provide witnesses. Since this is not a legal proceeding, no party may be represented by legal counsel. The method of recording the informational hearing will be determined by agreement of all parties.