A student writing on a flip chart during a meeting with other students in the Woods Student Center.

Leadership Studies Overview

If you want to make an impact through powerful leadership and be prepared to step up in your future organizations when opportunities arise, then a leadership studies minor from SMWC is the right move for you. This interdisciplinary minor complements any major. You will learn from foundational courses focused on personal leadership foundations, team and organizational leadership, community leadership, ethics and diversity.


What is leadership studies and what can you do with a degree in it?
Leadership studies is a field that draws on social science and areas of professionalism such as management. Inspiring and competent managers are needed in any organizationor field. Regardless of your major, the knowledge you will gain from the courses required by this minor will be useful in a variety of personal and professional settings. This minor will help you prepare for important roles in business, government, non-profit, health, communications, education and many other areas.

What support and resources are provided at SMWC?
The Learning Resource Center (LRC) provides exceptional, personalized learning resource services to encourage student success. The LRC offers help with a range of academic support services, including a writing center, tutoring, college success courses and more.